Millie's Angel

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When her mother abandons her, Millie is left to pick up the pieces and care for her little brother, Ace. Just as she begins to accept her mother’s disappearance from their lives, Millie discovers the shocking secrets surrounding her birth; leaving her anguished and torn between her feelings for her father. More

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About Kim Petersen

When Kim found herself divorced with 3 kids in 2007, she did what any thirty-something woman would do – she went to see a clairvoyant for the very first time.
The elderly woman peered into a crystal ball, studied her palm and deciphered a deck of playing cards in a way Kim had never before witnessed, while foretelling a vivid future laden with happiness, abundance and a mysterious dark man from across the seas.
Although it was determined there would be more children in her life, the gifted woman warned Kim against the notion, instead encouraging her to embrace the freedom that would come along with the growth of the three that waddled behind her now.
Kim left the aroma of scented candles and zesty tingles with her mind whirling with excitement and a new-found adventure buzzing through her thoughts – the prospect of more children the last thing to inflict upon her fantasies. Not when there was a dark mysterious man out there awaiting a magical rendezvous.
Two years passed until one evening a friend invited Kim to a birthday bash at a local pub. Her mother was in town so she eagerly accepted a night away from the kids where she would get to act and feel like an adult. She dressed in her winter dressy threads, drank way too much wine and sizzled up that tiny dance floor like tomorrow would never come – when it did arrive, she awoke with a throbbing headache, a churning stomach and phone call from a mysterious man who came from Holland.
It wasn’t long before they became inseparable and two more children emerged from her overly fertile womb, lending to the frantically busy life she now leads while writing her heart out between feeding and cleaning after small army of kids!
Kim discovers abundance around every dusty corner, every load of washing and every cooked meal each day – even when at times she is certain she might be better off if they put her away someplace safe!

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Review by: ElizaB9988 on May 28, 2017 :
4.5 stars
Lately I’ve been in a rut of putting down books and not picking them up again because I lost interest at one point and just never continued. This was definitely not the case with this book, “Millie’s Angel” by Kim Petersen. From the very beginning the intrigue and drama flowed seamlessly from one page to the next as past and present and ‘spiritual’ came to life in a vivid and sometimes shocking and unexpected way. I enjoyed the creativeness that Petersen used in a somewhat crowded genre and made Millie’s experiences and her romance and her struggles feel fresh, not like something I’ve read a million times. While not perfect, the editing and pacing were decent enough, and the plot was unpredictable enough to make me just *have* to see what would happen next. A real emotional roller-coaster from start to finish and I was impressed with the strong writing. Probably best suited for adults as there are some pretty sexy scenes and some coarse language. But a great, profound message that warms the heart and lifts the spirits. Recommend.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Essieh on May 27, 2017 :
This was my first book from Kim Petersen but I hope it’s not the last. “Millie’s Angel” starts off with some powerful beginning to set the scene and ground the reader in Millie’s world, and her perspective and her terrifying drama (mother’s abuse) from her husband, Glenn. Petersen does a wonderfully convincing job of creating a believable background, in terms of Millie’s tragic, challenging circumstances and her special visits from her angel -which enables the rest of the plot to unfold in an organic, yet powerful manner as we see the rest of the cast go through their ordeals one-by-one. This book does touch on some very heavy subject matters and there should be trigger warnings for the abuse and shocking events. But it's an important message of strength, overcoming adversity, compassion, healing, finding love and peace and moving on. A well written powerful, emotionally moving read that kept me captivated through to the end, which I loved! Recommend for readers of suspense, spiritual/paranormal drama, women’s’ fiction.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: MegKing on May 17, 2017 :
"Millie’s Angel” was amazing!!! Once I started reading I didn’t want to stop until I’d finished the whole thing, but it did take me a few nights. Within the first few pages we are intrigued by Millie’s predicament, I particularly enjoyed the author’s “voice” and style of writing—thought the journal angle was a great was to get more inside Millie’s head and heart. The interweaving plotlines were well-crafted and original, and the themes of romance, growing up, life, good and evil, a mother’s love, and that there is something more ‘out there’… and just overall challenges people face were handled with respect and felt authentic, not like contrived drama often used to sell books. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill ‘angel’ story, but still real, poignant, and moving with a wonderful familial/friendship element and a very cool light paranormal/supernatural aspect that was organic and believable. The characters (lead and secondary) were all fleshed out and fully realized, with much more complexity than I see in a lot of books these days. I’d love to read more from Kim Petersen someday. Recommend for fans of New Adult drama and paranormal romance.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Steph Coleman on May 15, 2017 :
I really liked this book, much more than I expected to. The writing is easy to get lost in, and flows seamlessly from one scene to the next. Enjoyed the main character of Amelia “Millie” Anderson, but the supporting ones were just as great! (even the evil Glen, who is a great antagonist here) Adored Damon and Emily and Samantha and the others. Props to Petersen for doing a good job with the dialogue to show the plot unfolding and progressing forward, instead of doing the lazy narrative ‘telling’ so many authors tend to do. We really feel like we are a part of the story and in the characters’ heads (this is told in omniscient 3rd person so we see several POVs) and that’s what I like in a book. I liked how it all wrapped up, and it really gave us a sense of things really coming full circle in a profound and moving way. This novel is broad in themes and isn’t just a simple ‘paranormal’ novel, but that element is definitely present in a very spiritual way. I was almost in tears at a few points and loved that the characters were flawed, and so human. Relatable and real. I really hope that Kim Petersen writes more books in the future. I’d love to read them!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: LaylaM1 on May 14, 2017 :
3.5 stars
I found myself wavering around a bit while reading “Millie’s Angel” by Kim Petersen. At first I was immediately interested in the story as the author wastes no time in setting up the overall premise and conflict of the book (an abused wife/mother, the young daughter seeing a magical vision) But then the pacing slowed and there were times I felt the story wasn’t as focused as I’d like (seemed to go off in a few directions), with some conversations and scenes maybe weren’t necessary and perhaps could have been eliminated to tighten the narrative some and create more tension… there were times where I was just waiting for something to happen. It takes a while for Millie’s ‘mom’ to leave, and for me that’s when the real drama started to pick up. But I do feel like it definitely got better as it went along, and I liked that we are able to see multiple characters’ perspectives (even though Millie is the MC)). There was great character development and some crazy developments that really threw things for a loop. Glen is absolutely awful, but it is balanced out by other good characters who bring light and love to the mix. It felt unique and unpredictable, always a nice experience, especially in a genre that is fraught with derivative copycats. I enjoyed Petersen’s literary narrative voice, and thought she did a great job of really capturing the spiritual essence of the story and its inspiring message. Recommend for ages 17+ due to some adultish situations and language.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Darla Ortiz on May 11, 2017 :
"Millie’s Angel” by Kim Petersen is an engaging novel that captured my attention from the very beginning and never once let it go. I was hooked after the enticing, yet shocking opening and was interested to see how Millie would handle her rough home life situation, and what the magical ‘wings’ were and the presence in her life that is oddly ‘unearthly’, yet loving. The author gets right to the drama to the table and we see just how awful Millie’s father Glen is, and how he makes life difficult for his wife and children. After she leaves, Mille is faced with more challenges, including but not limited to dating, falling in love, friends, caring for her brother, and learning the truth about her parentage and the magical presence of “Samantha”. The narrative and dialogue propelled the story at a good pace for the most part, and I enjoyed the characters and especially how they played into the romantic drama. Millie and Damon’s relationship is interesting to watch develop, even if maybe not how we hope. Mille and her family’s journey is anything but predictable and they face many obstacles. How they end up is not for me to reveal, but their experience is a memorable and impactful one. Good pacing and lovely, literary narrative that flows well and keeps us engaged throughout. Could benefit from some light proofreading. But overall a really good read that I’d recommend to fans of women’s fiction and spiritual drama.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: SherriWarner on May 11, 2017 :
"Millie’s Angel” by Kim Petersen is definitely my kind of book. I adore the whole ‘magical realism” aspect, the real-life dramatic situations, and how events from the past reappear to cause imbalance in current life and how it shifts/tests relationships and spurs personal growth. While these are admittedly familiars trope in literature, I thought Kim Petersen did a great job of making the storyline feel fresh and original, and best of all, completely believable even with the slightly ‘magical’ elements with the appearance of an “angel” throughout (whose real identity is very cool!). She also gives it a certain profound and spiritual element that makes it much more than just a ‘drama’ or a “romance” story - it is a story of a life, and overcoming adversity in life and relationships despite the odds and how the past affects the present, and how love can protect and save you and someone is always watching out for you. There are some shocking twists, some unexpected revelations and some sad events. But it is also uplifting and the ending was sweet and satisfying---I liked how it all wrapped up, even if a bit bittersweet. Some steamy scenes and mild language but appropriate for mature teens on up.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Hayley on March 08, 2017 :
Kim, i have finished your book. I am completely blown away by your talent. I loved the book. I loved the storyline, the characters and how you described them so intently. I loved how the passage of time was so well marked by how you portrayed the characters and how you changed the language they used as they grew older. The intricate way you described whole scenes had me imagining exactly what they would look like; from the general feel of the setting and the look of the landscape, to the smaller details like the way their hair moved in the breeze and the emotions the characters were feeling at the time. The storyline is exciting and relatable. Is has great depth to it but in an uncomplicated way, making the book very easy to read There are so many themes in the pages that anyone can relate to. There were times when i had goosebumps on my arms and times when i had tears in my eyes. However, like any good book, it ended far too quickly. I hope there are many more to come.
(reviewed 7 days after purchase)

Review by: Trevellyn on Feb. 17, 2017 : (no rating)
Millie's Angel is an insightful novel, which grabs the reader and doesn't let them go.
Millie's Angel incites the reader to empathise and place themselves in the position of each character, and feel all the highs and lows and understand all the hard decisions each of them have to make.
Kim Peterson's descriptive writing style was captivating and Millie's character development took me on a rollercoaster of discovery, betrayal, hurt, forgiveness, and self love and understanding.

I think any person of any age could take away something special from Millie's Angel ❤️
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Shelbyk on Feb. 13, 2017 :
This is a very moving, and empowering novel! I highly recommend this to everyone. AAA+++
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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