Dr. Marvelous

This is a guide to dating, more so a guilde to learning to be with someone because they make you a better you and vice versa. A list of tips and tricks that will help mold a healthy relationship.

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About Hezekiah EL

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Hezekiah A. EL
Often times I find myself looking wondering if I told my kids the right amount of the right information. So just in case I didn’t, I dedicate everything I write to them.
You’d be surprised what info they latch on to.
E L Jones
A ghost writer with a strong infatuation of life and love, to be remembered as one who pays attention to detail and expresses heart ach as well compassion.
Arra El & Jones
A collection of eclectic writers who found it most advantageous to spent some time putting there heads together for a brighter outcome for future generations.

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