Nothing Left But Fear

Sadistic kidnappers leave unsuspecting deadbeats vulnerable and alone in unfriendly and hostile places. These deadbeats, together with an unsuspecting guest, soon find out they are not actually alone at all. When they realise what’s out there, they are not only left with a deep primal fear, but they are now faced with a fight for their very survival. A gut-wrenching thriller from Adrian Russell More

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About Adrian Russell

About Adrian Russell – Author and International Novelist...

Adrian Russell was born in London, but as a young baby his parents moved him out of London to Hertfordshire, England and then to a small village in Essex, where he grew up until he moved back to London to begin his working career.

Adrian’s hobbies include Horse Riding and he’s been on safari on the plains of Africa on horseback and on the beaches of Ireland…both times with his daughter. On the plains of Africa they were following wildebeest, giraffe, antelope and the elusive rhino and many other of Africa’s fantastic wild creatures.

Scuba diving and the love of animals are two of his other passions. Adrian Russell particularly loves diving with sharks, dolphins and turtles. He also has a love of small creatures too, like Seahorses. One of his favourite dives is in Barbados where on one dive he counted over 30 seahorses.

Adrian also has a real love of whales too and has still to see the magnificent Blue Whale. Having seen other whales, whilst looking for the one that eludes him, has taken him on some wonderful travels around the world.

By the way another one of his passions is travel…being in wild and exotic places helps Adrian with his creativity for writing his books.

When did Adrian Russell begin his writing career?
Adrian came to writing later in life and began writing his first novel when he was in his late forties. He finished writing his debut novel whilst he was going through cancer treatment. He used his writing to distract him from the fearful thoughts that are experienced when going through this disease.

Adrian Russell moved to live near the New Forest and Bournemouth, which is where he began his writing career. This is where he lives with his beautiful wife Jo and their dog Missie and cat Lilly.

‘I love to write and do most of my writing when I’m in a far away land…like Barbados or a small Greek Island in the Mediterranean. I love to spend my time exploring new characters and disappearing into a fantasy world, in between spending time on the water sailing or wind surfing and with my lovely wife Jo.’ Adrian Russell

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