DDsE, Book 1

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A girl, a boy, a feral cat, pursuit by unhuman things. Love, tragedy, adventure, and danger unfold in the diary of a 16yo girl. More
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About Sue Perry

... Concert stage, dark except for a deep blue spotlight. Singer drops to one knee and his narration evolves from murmur to rant. "This is the story of a man who got what he wanted but he lost what he had. He got what he wanted but he lost what he had. He got –" ...

It goes on forever. It's mesmerizing. Uncomfortable. Confessional.

Pretty sure this memory is from the time I saw James Brown, decades ago, but the lost identity of the singer isn't the point.

I've spent my life gazing across some fence or other, admiring greener grass over yonder. I've acted on so many impulses to jump the fence. No complaints, but it has sure taken me a long time to appreciate where I'm standing right now. And nowadays that blue spotlight chant fills my head whenever I contemplate a new jump.

Sometimes I jump back.

I was a low–budget television producer until I wrote a psychological thriller, "Was It A Rat I Saw", which Bantam–Doubleday–Dell published in hardcover in 1992. Soon after that I became the mother of twins, jumped into graduate school, and became a disaster scientist. I dabbled in academia, government research, and consulting.

I stopped writing fiction for nearly two decades, until I noticed how much I missed it. I resumed writing novels with the literary fiction "Scar Jewelry" about a family with secrets that started in the era of Los Angeles punk and persist for decades. I'm in the midst of a speculative detective series FRAMES, with "Nica of Los Angeles", "Nica of the New Yorks", and "Boredom Fighter" so far. I've just completed a nine-novella series, the young adult paranormal horror romance, "DDsE".

Funny. Back in the day, I had a single book idea at a time. Now I'm flooded with them, can't keep up with them, though I write just about every day.

I live in southern California. I had to leave for five years to confirm this is where I belong. I live with multiple cats, comfortably close to my twins and granddaughter. Like my life paths, my friends and family are all over the damn place. I like to visit them, spend time at the ocean, explore cities, and go out to hear live music.

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About the Series: DDsE
Recovering from a horrible tragedy, Ella, 16, starts keeping a secret diary (with occasional entries by a feral cat). The diary turns out to be part of Ella's destiny and records her journey through a Tupac amazing world, bigger and stranger than she ever imagined might exist.

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H S reviewed on July 5, 2017

I liked the idea that the story unfolded through Ella's diary entries, and the reader was dropped into the middle of the tale and had to figure out what was going on. But... to use that particular device effectively, you have to have enough hints for the reader to pick up the context, and I never managed to figure out why Ella was imprisoned. And when it got into the love interest with the dark and mysterious secret past, I lost interest. I also wasn't impressed with where the story breaks between Book 1 and Book 2, because Book 1 didn't bring any part of the story to any sort of a close. There was no conclusion to any of the story threads, and to my mind if you're going to end a book you have to either tie up at least *one* loose end or have it like Harry Potter, where it's very open-ended at the end of Book 4 but the structure of each book being set up around a single school year means that it can still be concluded - even though everything's still open - without feeling like someone's just taken an axe and chopped the story into two randomly-selected bits.

The link with the feral cat was an especially good bit. I liked the feral cat, particularly as Perry's managed to give it a different "voice".that does actually sound like it could belong to a feral cat. But it got subsumed in the teenage girl crushing on mysterious boy, and in Book 2 it got lost still further on mysterious boy's dark past catching up with him and Ella. I quit reading entirely about a third of the way into Book 2. So there is a possibility that it improved after that... but considering that it started fairly well and deteriorated from there on, I doubt it.

Maybe I simply wasn't the right audience for this book. Other people have reviewed it with five stars. But from reading the beginning, I had middling-high hopes for it, and it never delivered. The beginning, the feral cat, and the author attempting to tell a tale at second-hand through diary entries (which isn't easy) kept this from being a one-star book. The teenage crushing on person with dark and mysterious past and the failing to live up to the promise of the diary-entry premise kept this from being able to reach any more than two stars.

It could have been great.
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Louise G White reviewed on June 5, 2017

DDsE book 1
Ella's adventures are compulsive reading and I cant wait to get my 'claws' into book 2. A fast read written in a stylishly different manner that fantasy and young adult readers are sure to love.
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LornaWhite reviewed on May 15, 2017

This is an unusual and compelling young adult novella in the form of Ella's Diary exerpts, which are sad, complicated and interesting. Perry really pulls the reader into the life of Ella which is filled with loss and strangeness or rather danger and magical mystery. This is a gripping tale of two teens and a feral cat embarking or rather fleeing who knows what.......Suffice to say I can't wait to find out whats in in store for this trio.
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