Day X

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"A lot has been lost...mostly hope..."
"Not sure how much more madness I can take...."
"....I ate someone...."
How do you run from something inside you? What once protected them in silence, now traps them in an uproar. More
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Words: 9,020
Language: English
ISBN: 9781370752041

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Review by: GS Glow on May 12, 2017 :
++Spoiler Warning++

This was short as hell. I was at the end before I even realized it was the end. The unwilling experiments gone wrong, the guts, the gore... the writing, all helped that 'shortness' along though. For this type of story, most horror/zombie readers in my experience want more detail. You could do so much with this story if you decided to make it longer. As it stands, it's a good, quick read.

The journal entries were an interesting way to go, and I think as soon as Eien realized that tentacle creature was Elizabeth it clicked that those entries might be hers as well--while they were doing the experimentations (she was writing in it while she was transitioning, right?)

Edsel, you are a cold SOB. Even if she volunteered she would've 'done anything for him' right? That's like full taking advantage of. She may as well have been stone cold drunk. I thought at first she could simply be talking about Eien and Sera, but she didn't say 'them' in the journal, she said 'he'. So, was Edsel that cold? Did he take advantage of her dedication to him and turn her into a monster? I get that Justine knew about some sickness she had, but that doesn't make it any better.

Dr. Tan is right, Edsel. It's not just on her head. If Edsel didn't agree with it he should've grown a backbone and stood up to them (the other doctors too) instead of using his wife and his son as test subjects. What kind of thinking is that? It doesn't matter that they were gonna die anyone as Dr. Tan believed. It just goes to show that people with extreme higher intelligence pay for that genius-ness with subpar emotions. They always try to be like 'it's for the greater good' well, yeah, until you realize you're psychotic!

Eien and David, both test subject, one more hostile than the other... gotta say, didn't see it being Eien. David was the one to get physical first when Bryan went ape sh*t over Trish. I like that there was a glimpse at the potential of a relationship between them too, but now that I know the truth, does their attraction to each other have more to do with the infection that's in their system?

As short stories go, it's really good. The way you ended each Day chapter was creative and the journal entries added a lot of mystery that all came together by the end. I do think there are side stories that can (or should) be addressed, but for me, those side stories can wait. My big question is what happens to everyone else after Eien leaves and shoots that kid walker? And it wouldn't be horrible to know the gruesome way the doctors died too, or did they get out of dodge before it became uncontainable?
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Review by: Aky . on Feb. 27, 2017 :
I loved this book. It was so interesting and engrossing. The ending was kind of sad and surprising though. I hope there is a second part to this because it ended leaving me hanging.
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