Forevermore, The Bittersweet Vampire Chronicles, Book 5

The Fraser's & MacDonnel's collide as Randolph leads hundreds of Fraser warriors over MacDonnel land to retrieve his long lost bride...
Warning: Some serious drama ensues...
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October 11, 2019
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About Ava Ivy

I live in a small town in Texas, where there are more horses in our area than humans, & the glow from the moon & stars is the only thing lighting our road at night. It’s a place where our dog, Bandit, happily sits on the porch, giving any car that drives by a suspicious eye. It’s a good life. My husband & I have pinched lots of pennies along the way, but we are happy. Our boys are half hooligan, a tad spoilt, involved in everything, & occasionally giving us gray hairs, but they own our hearts.

About the Series: The Bittersweet Vampire Chronicles
After her family's tragic encounter with deadly vampires, Ariel wants revenge. With her odd, hidden abilities she can protect her loved ones from future attack. Sneaking out, she travels to the enemy’s lair to kill the oldest vampire brother responsible. She must hurry, though. If her possessive half-brother, Kaid & his BFF, Bran--her secret ex--return home to find her gone, it will be scarier than any old vampire.

BOOK ORDER: Forbidden, Forsworn, Forgotten, Forsaken, Forevermore, Forgiven & ... Sephy

Also in Series: The Bittersweet Vampire Chronicles


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