The Paradigm Formula: Your 2012 Survival Guide

Within these pages is the formula to find the success that has likely eluded you for the duration of your lifetime. Allow me to introduce to you this Paradigm Formula and reveal to you how to move beyond the shadow of the next slated apocalypse. More

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About Adrian Dorsey

Christmas of 2009 I received a little book from my father, Robert Dorsey. My wife, Amy, and I thought the cover of it looked pretty hokey but my father gave it to me so I tried not to judge the book by its cover. It was "The Science of Getting Rich", by Wallace D. Wattles. It is this same book that inspired the movie "The Secret". The contents of this book helped me to realize that there is a scientific formula that governs our daily life from the time we are born until we pass on to wherever it is we are going. I began to look back over my life to understand for the first time why I experienced the failures that I have and how I managed to attract what successes I have had. There is a reason failure and success come to you but what shocked me the most was realizing that both are determined by Acting and Thinking in a Certain Way.

The most recent application of this fact is that by thinking and acting in a certain way my wife and I managed to cross the distance of two thousand miles in order to live under one roof. I immigrated from Alberta, Canada, to live with Amy down here in the America. Looking back on how we managed to accomplish this we can see the Paradigm Formula at work. Many people who applied for the immigration process at the same time had not managed to complete their own journeys as quickly as we did. So we knew something was at work. We gave our goal to live under one roof a deadline to come to pass. A few times things seemed to take a little longer but we noticed a pattern. It seemed that four months after the deadline we set for ourselves for each stage of this journey would become a repeating pattern. There was a power at work here that seemed to be making itself known to us. Or... we were simply becoming aware of it. So long as we kept our minds and hearts focused on the objective we would make progress.. but when we entertained discouragement then that momentum slowed down. Then right before the actual accomplishment we went through the toughest trial of the whole ordeal. Did you know that it is normal for one to experience apparent set back or out right failure before the moment of success suddenly breaks upon you. I found within the pages of this little book by Wattles aspects of this formula and how it was working all along in my life and it brought me together with my beautiful wife whom I love with all that I am.

I would expand my studies to include the works of Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Walker Atkinson, Raymond Holliwell... all of these men discovered the formula behind why things work in our lives that bring us either the greatest success or the most begrudging failures. There is a reason... and as much as I loved to blame it on some divine being or unclean spirit or bad luck or this or that... the truth of the matter is that the outcome of all that I have experienced was completely dependent on how I was thinking and acting in a certain way.

My book has gone through some revisions and is now titled The Paradigm Formula: Your 2012 Survival Guide that will be available both in print form as well as a download to your computer and Ipad. In here I reveal to you how I allowed the appearance of media derived world events and the appearances of situations in my personal life dictate the opportunities that came my way. I take you on my own journey of understanding the Law of Attraction and many other Universal laws that govern and operate in our daily lives. I introduce you to the paradigm that controls your life and determines your fate as to why you fail and why you succeed in life and why you are where you are at now. The little subconscious habits that you do which determine every success and the lack thereof which has been passed down to you by your parents and grandparents and so on. Why do your parents failures manifest in your own life? Or why have you succeeded where they have? Why do so many things seem to repeat themselves generation after generation and it is still happening in your life today? What can you do about it? Understand the Paradigm Formula and make the shift within yourself so that you can finally be the person you were created to be and do the things that you know in your heart that you were created to do.

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