Gallows Dust and Other Works

Gallows Dust is a nonfiction short story about Eric Zanne's and others' time in Iraq as U.S. soldiers. The Ritual is a short fiction story about a young mage's attempts to gain a teacher. Father Art is a short fiction story about a werewolf hunting priest.
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About Eric Zanne

Eric Zanne was born in 1986 and spent his young moving around the South-Eastern part of the United States. Discovering a love of reading during his first deployment to Iraq, he didn’t try his hand at writing until his second deployment. After the Army, he earned a B.S. in Psychology from APSU in Tennessee.
He has professionally published three of his short stories(one nonfiction, two fiction) it two magazines. His first self-published novel Spare The Lambs is available on Kindle. eBook: Paper back:

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