Kiku In The Corner

Quirky action story where a young chicken named Kiku (please do not call her a chick!) runs into trouble without even trying. Includes a rooftoop chase, a wet ladle, a nuclear explosion, and a couple of bowls of pastry dough. Oh, and those silly little hammers that go "Squeap!" So, pretty much a typical day in the life of Kiku. Unless her courage is overtaken by her sassy mouth(!) More
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About Jon Torres

Jon Torres is the author of the Amazon-distributed book, "CHICKENS: A Space Adventure". Other volumes have followed since then (see my website for upcoming titles).

He spends his time reading and re-reading books by authors like Terry Pratchett, Robert Asprin and Dave Barry. And of course, thinking of ways to launch his chicken-characters off into space and back again.

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