From the heartbreak of deciding to leave, through the cabin fever of space travel, and the desperation of the political and environmental unrest of their arrival upon a new planet, this five-part series takes the reader with the colonists on a high-tech journey from the oppressive planet DJar to the mysterious and eerie Kun DJar. But it takes more than technology to colonize a whole new world. More

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About Nōnen Títi

I started my career in physical and mental healthcare, tropical nursing and midwifery, including an assignment with Medecins sans Frontieres to Columbia and four summers in a camp for children with type one diabetes. Those experiences still provide a lot of the material for my books. More recently I added hypnotherapy to my healthcare training.
After my children were born, I changed to education and worked a few years as a Montessori teacher before opting to educate my own children at home. That was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. In the meantime we had moved from Europe and the UK to the USA, Australia and now New Zealand.
Nearly twenty years ago I became interested in the theory of psychological types of Carl Jung (and of Myers-Briggs and David Keirsey) which has changed my perspective on life completely and which I have made my special interest of study. When my children went off to university, I decided to join them and get a degree in philosophy. Since then I have been a writer of both fiction and non-fiction books inspired by the inborn differences that influence the beliefs, behavior and natural talents of every person on Earth.
Although I enjoy writing non-fiction books, I believe that fiction is best suited to help bridge those natural differences. Hence, my books portray human nature to a depth where the study of psychology cannot reach, each character an easily recognizable personality and together in pursuit of a positive future.

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About the Series: Of a Note in a Cosmic Song
A five part social science fiction that follows a group of colonists as set out to start a colony on another planet. Having the technology is one thing, but a colony consists of people and they have to get along.

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