Dining and Driving with Cats - Alice Unplugged

A moveable feast driving across the South sharing travel, dining and adventure with Alice, me and her two cats. Join us in a romantic love story filled with unusual places, smiling faces and a secret Alice shared with the Other Woman. Dine on Clancy and Gautreau’s scrumptious creations while eavesdropping on Alice’s secret. Find out how the Other Woman persuaded Alice to accept my ring. More

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About Pat Patterson

I was raised in the South by a pack of wolves - good wolves with a pack leader and lifetime mate that protected the young and taught the three male pups how to survive in a chaotic world without losing the gift of kindness and love for fellow wolves. My love for writing started with a gift from my father.  Entering high school he gave me a Norman Mailer war story titled "The Naked and the Dead". For the first time I realized the writer could own the true world and the fictional world in the same story. From that time on writing came easy for me. In high school I wrote a weekly humor column for our newspaper. In college at Chapel Hill my freshman short story about a talking horse who gave advice to world leaders (my version of Mr. Ed)  got me an invite to the Thomas Wolfe Creative Writing program. Two years in this program taught me the value of reading other people’s works and developing a critical eye. Upon graduation from University I was invited to join the US Army where I spent three years and served as a Lieutenant in the Field Artillery on the DMZ in Korea during the Vietnam War. After release from service I proceeded to Graduate School for my MBA and  fell headlong into the computer trap. My years in the computer industry span the lengthy period from the day Jobs introduced the Lisa computer until Zuckerberg announced his IPO for Facebook. My "541" patent is industry famous as the iTunes Patent that was licensed by Steve Jobs for Apple's iTunes. During my career years I never stopped creative writing. An early cold-war espionage thriller garnered a call from an Editor at a Harcourt imprint in New York. This was my introduction to book editors. The Editor  loved my writing but hated my story. I decided the only way that I could write and keep my story as my story was if I could afford to be independent. During the following years I continued to write for my own pleasure while I built an enviable career in the computer software industry. My favorite unpublished work is titled "Stealing Blake"  which I spent the better part of twenty-four years composing and rewriting. Maybe I will revisit that one after I finish Alice’s story. It started with a love letter. Alice was my rock - my confidant and she never found me wanting. We took a trip. We took cats. There were a lot of surprises. I decided our trip called for a love letter. After fifteen pages I realized I couldn’t stop without telling it all to Alice. Now two years later Alice can read the first installment in "Dining and Driving with Cats - Alice Unplugged".  

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