Alfie Brown: The Boy With Purple Eyes (Who Discovered He Can Do Magic) [Part One]

A whole new wizarding world. A tested friendship. The greatest of magical quests.

Alfie Brown doesn’t really care that he has different colour eyes to everyone else, he feels normal in his normal school, normal town, normal grandparents and normal(ish) best friend Tommy. Until he realises that he can do real magick. More
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About Jack Simmonds

Jack Simmonds was born and raised in London, England. He is a fiction author and novelist, writing magical fantasy books for children, teenagers and adults. His approach to writing is about bringing a sense of the believable into the unbelievable — i.e. magic! His books are written to be suspenseful, humorous and thoroughly entertaining! They will make you laugh, cry and want to read ’til the very end.

Tea, coffee, in fact anything with caffiene gets him through the writing process, which he’s described as “a bigger pain in the ass than a chair made of porcupines…”

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