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About Greg Hoey

Born in the town of Kalgoorlie 300 miles east of the lovely although very insular and rather nepotic city of Perth in the great crony's only 'British, Christian and forever loyal to the Queen' -big suburban homes and giant sized four-wheel drive state of Western Australia.
The wonderful city of Perth or 'crony central.' A town that loves to pretend to the entire world what 'nice' urban-suburban folk they really are. They can still be nanny-state prone to the unnecessary extreme! As well 'Family-Value' reactionary's of the very first order.
#hopefully its citizens will one fine day recognize it isn't 'stranger-danger' they need to be so worried about, but inter-familial or 'known danger' that is the real problem, at least 98.7% of the time it is!

Apart from that it is a very beautiful city, that there's no denying. And when its inhabitants start to realize this, get over the "great australian cultural cringe" start to be a little less hostile & negative toward its most intelligent and creative spirits. It may hopefully in time be more than just beautiful on the eye. It may even become a more divergent home of creativity. Taking on a little more intellectual depth and nuance. Just the way it was meant to be in its now long since golden era of the sixties, when it offered so much to those seeking intellectual progression as well freedom and wild open spaces.

# THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN CULTURAL CRINGE ; a peculiarly anti-australian form of self-loathing which condemns anything made or created by an Australian, to be necessarily second rate in comparison to similar things done by a non-australian. Particularly related to arts & culture. And while those from the progressive-left side of politics would prefer to represent themselves as incapable of such self-loathings I believe this is actually where most of the modern cultural cringe & nationalistic self-loathing does come from of late.
And to make art or literature not given the imprimatur of the local cultural estab. in an extremely conservative place like WA [however progressive it may like to think of itself of late with all the woke activism taking control of much of its academic-political discourse], is to have committed an offence so heinous, the hate list one can then be put on can be life-threatening at its worst, plain open officious nastiness is the everyday. And it is rather amazing how because of its isolation from the rest of the world how this mentality then reaches across the wider population also, quite amazing! Similarly if one gets on the 'to like' list the whole state is on ones side. It really does work exactly like this. Has to be said this peculiar mentality of the cultural cringe is also much taken advantage of by other nationalities for their own benefit, both culturally & economically.

Oh one other thing, the writers lack of 'woke' -ness is not really appreciated by the likes of smashwords, lulu and many other publishing houses. So do not be surprised if when attempting to buy any of his books that this might be a difficult task? For the author does have his suspicions stemming from quite a bit of experience dealing with such houses of publishing and the type of politics & nationalities they do prefer. & tbh we aussie authors are definitely NOT on their most liked list. Way too rough 'n ready for our far more refined & gentile anglo northern hemisphere cousins!
Because although this writer may not be 'woke', he is certainly awakened. -Of that you can be sure!

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