Suzze Osmond Ex-Christian, Move Over Jesus There's a New Girl in Town (E 1-2-3)

“Funny. Perverse. Magical.” Televangelist Suzze Osmond Has Fallen From Grace.
Gone down market. Big time. Nothing sexual. Nor financial. None of the usual foibles that befall the high and mighty when they crash and burn. Coming down is a bitch and as best she can figure, God himself is out to get her. “Biting satire.” “. . . fast paced narrative and zippy dialog in a complex, layered plot.” More

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About Constance Wellborne

Connie Wellborne, a retired librarian, lives in a blue house trailer behind Leonard’s Garage in Gold Hill, North Carolina with, depending on the season, from one to ten dozen rabbits. ‘Suzze Osmond Ex-Christian’ is her second novel.

Cherry Santana, as fate would have it, is also a librarian, down-sized after seven years of loyal service, only to be rehired, part-time, with no benefits. She is now a librarian with a vengeance, all too prone to make it clear that she really doesn’t give a damned if you read ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ or not, and has no idea whatsoever if God will punish you if you do -- the question she is most often asked. (But he probably will.) (Let’s hope so.)

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