Character Astrology Profiles - Month & Year

Making characters is very challenging. You want to make them heroic, but not a Mary-Sue. More importantly, you need them relatable, and realistic.

Character Astrology Profiles will help you take your basic idea of a character and breath life into them. Using Greek and Chinese Zodiac, with use of MBTI, your characters will be three dimensional and balanced with your other characters. More
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July 7, 2018
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Language: English
ISBN: 9781370714223
About Christopher D Votey

Chris has lived most of his life with a strong passion for story, whether in movies or the written form. He dedicates his life to the study of story, always learning how to be better.

In 2012, he suffered a work-related accident that left him permanently disabled. Writing is the only thing he can do as a means of financial support. When he is not writing, he is writing articles on his website, hanging out on twitter, and reading anything he can.

Chris is also known for his Worldbuilding series. It features over 20 articles going over geography, resources, technology, and a variety of other subjects. It also features a map making tutorial for writers who don't know how to draw.

Chris has written 4 books so far, and been a part of a compilations of authors.

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