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This is a book of accumulated wisdom, designed to entertain, enliven, educate, and inspire, without being a burden or a bore. Make it your own! More

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Words: 28,190
Language: American English
ISBN: 9781370262540
About Dan Brook

Dan is a writer, speaker, poet, photographer, activist, and professor of sociology and political science. He lives and loves in San Francisco, even while exploring the world.

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Review by: Haesl Jackson on April 27, 2017 :
I really can tell this book comes from Dr. Brook's heart. This isn't just a book about Dr. Brook, but I find some may see it as means for inspiration, motivation, and I believe it can be used positively towards your personal growth. As someone who majors in the sociology, my favorite part of the book happened to be where Dr. Brook talks about "Brook's Handout" where he states his belief on how access to many resources people might see as a handout, can actually be positively used for the well-being of society as a whole. I agree that resources such as public housing, public education, and public health and safety, should readily be made available by the government. One of the main reasons society suffers today is because of one of the foundations of America being our capitalistic government. Not saying capitalism is good or bad, i'm mainly just stating that our society is meant to have people in the lower class so upper class can stay wealthy and benefit from the power. I think where the book talks about public access it really emphasized the importance of having these resources available to everyone so we can do better as a society in whole. Brook's proposal on public education was especially important to me because in my philosophical knowledge I know I've read about how having a well-educated society provides grounds and room for a better environment for all. Maybe if more people were educated, and weren't used for their lack of knowledge, this last presidency would have turned out differently. Or maybe if more people were knowledgeable about the social injustices many face, we would be able to improve race relations in America and even make progress towards reversing the social constructs that negatively impact many Americans today. I've learned a lot from Dr. Brook and have been able to relate so many of my views and life experiences to his work. If you take the time to read this piece I promise you will be able to reflect deeply, "Turn your prayers into positive actions" !
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Review by: dccupertino7 on April 24, 2017 : (no rating)
Love the introduction, allows the reader to really consider what to expect from the read and also gives us a sort of freedom of choice in reading as well. Also love any reference to Bruce Lee, so more props there too, being able to connect the work to him.
With my curiosity, I wish there was more explanation about Brook’s Abraham as “we need to go forth to get ourselves back” is a phrase I feel I relate too, only I can’t quite put it in words without feeling like I knew more about the meaning behind this statement first. At the same time, I am someone who tends to give all my friends about advice on one thing or another and I am stuck agreeing with Brook that we like to give advice, but don’t really like to take it. I always tell people to be less shy and go out there and do it, when the truth is I’ve always been shy and I rarely manage to go out and do it, myself. Along with that thought comes Brook’s perseverance, as “those who try more typically succeed more.” That’s exactly what I need to be doing if I ever hope to stop being so shy. I feel Brooks work here has a variety of words that have the ability to reach out to many different audiences and it does a great job in relating to the feelings we keep to ourselves so much. Let this reading be an opportunity to wake you up if you manage to find the right piece in this work.
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Review by: Cynthia E. on April 21, 2017 :
I'm happy to see Dr. Brook's fountain of knowledge in print. He was a fantastic professor of mine and became one of my favorite teachers because of his wisdom and enlightenment. His book was fantastic in the way that it offers thought provoking and inspiring words. I was moved by the hope and honest truth of this book. While I have many favorites, some of the points that stuck to me where: "Brook's Glass," "Brook's Living," and "Brook's Allergies." This reminds me of being back in his class and learning from the best! Brook's Book is a must read!
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Review by: Shae S. on April 20, 2017 :
Every human being wanders the earth with their own pockets of inspiration, knowledge and wisdom. Brook’s Book expands one’s realm of thinking through its diverse snippets of text, being both general and specific, concrete and abstract, past and present… It covers thoughts about experiences, patterns, people, pain and peace… And after reading many Brook’s thoughts, one can see the nature of how everything can universally connect, somehow in someway. The text challenges me to review and reflect upon my own morals, beliefs and values and to be open in viewing the world in enlightening and optimistic ways. One of my favorite parts of the text is, “Brook’s Prayer: I wish that people would turn their good prayers into positive actions.”
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Review by: Gilberto Guerra on April 20, 2017 :
This book written by Dan Brook really impressed me. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the format of this book was in "small nuggets of wisdom". The way of formatting this made the book extremely organized and enjoyable to read and to learn from. I would recommend this book to anyone who really wants to have a good read.
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Review by: Johanna on April 20, 2017 :
Brook's book was an interesting, thought-provoking read. I found myself scrolling more and more, wanting to see his perceptions on other nouns and verbs that people really forget to explore. My favorite nugget was "Brook's Consciousness" in which everything, even the most mundane "contains the entire amazing universe." I related it to Rumi's quote "Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you." It brings you back down to earth, while also allowing yourself to be spiritually free. Brook's book danced with topics that most people do not care to talk about or simply forget to acknowledge when questioning all there is to question. Very refreshing read; as the other reviewers stated, it was a different format from what I have ever seen and made it easy to follow.
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Review by: Susie G on April 20, 2017 : (no rating)
I genuinely and truly enjoyed everything about this book. The advice was thoughtful and interesting, widening my perspectives. The alphabetical format made it easy to navigate and locate themes I was interested in and the “snippet” format made it fun to read. I particularly enjoyed the snippets about anxiety, selfies, and family. I would highly recommend this book to anyone!
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Review by: Sarai Ferrara on April 20, 2017 :
I really enjoyed the format of the book, because I was expecting a typical narrative format, and was surprised instead with these snippets. These snippets vary in tone; they can be either meditative, skeptical, witty, insightful or simply relatable. Here the author writes on a wide variety of subjects, rather than focusing on a single one. These reflections, insights, or definitions, take us into considering things from different points of view. I thoroughly enjoyed the one about absence (“there is no darkness, silence, cold, and stupidity, only the absence of light, sound, heat, and intelligence. Bring them in, when desired or necessary”), because it is a reminder that even when we feel like there is no hope or we can’t see the light, it means that we simply need to bring light in again and go to its source, to what brings us joy. “Alternative”, “Beggar”, and “Bibliomancy” are other of my favorite ones to which I can relate. Definitely a great book and will come back to read more snippets from this book in the future!
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Review by: Laura C on April 20, 2017 : (no rating)
What I truly enjoyed about this book is that there's something for everything. Dan Brook provides diverse "nuggets of wisdom" that could be open for interpretation or straightforward, relevant or irrelevant to you, or gets your gears going about things you've never thought about before. You can read this book straight through, flip through the pages, or look up something specific topics like "focus". You're going to find something interesting any way you choose to read this book. I liked it because it got my mind working in ways I didn't know it could. Awesome read! 10/10 would recommend.
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Review by: Denise Martinez on April 19, 2017 :
Just like many others who have written reviews, I was not expecting the format of the book to be snippets. Besides the format, I enjoyed reading all the nuggets of wisdom that were given. The book mentions topics that many people are not conscious about in their daily lives. It really opened my mind and reminded me that there is more to the world besides our own lives or bubbles we live in. Also, I feel that my thoughts were much more deeper when reading this. For example in Brooks Death it says that death is the opposite or birth, not life. Before reading this I never saw death that way. Overall, this book really gets you thinking and it is a great read for anyone.
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Review by: Faviola Alcala on April 19, 2017 :
The reading was a delight to read. It reminded me of all the essentials I am so unconscious of. For example, air. Air is necessary yet we dont seem to put much importance to it unless we are deprived and need it. I also agree on Brook's alienation because I believe that humans need one another to survive and to be healthy. Brook's prophesy also resignated wjrh me because it is so true that things will be, but when we determine to put in our own hard work and continously try hard for something to happen jt will happen. This book is truly inspirational as it reminds us of simple, yet very important essentials of life.
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Review by: Jorge on April 19, 2017 :
Okay to start off I was thrown off by the format of this book. It is an interesting take in which the author can share his thoughts about several life concepts. From bacteria to sagan, with each concept the author gives an insightful though provoking opinion about it. I agree that with this book's format it does not make it a burden or bring boredom. One can easily read a few passages when they have 5 minutes to spare. Also you can just focus on a few passages if your only interested in one concept, say death, since its in alphabetical order. Overall great book and definitely will recommend it to others so the wisdom it provide can be shared.
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Review by: Ryan Eckford on April 19, 2017 :
So I must admit that the layout of "Brook's Book" caught me a little off guard. Although the description of the book clearly said it contained "nuggets of wisdom" I did not expect it to have the format it does. That being said this seems like a great way to keep track of the life lessons one learns throughout the years. I find this interesting because I have always thought that it's important to pay attention to the lessons that life teaches you, and when it comes to remembering these lessons (as well as everything else) one's pen will always remember something much longer than one's mind is capable of. Which is something I am beginning to understand in theory, and something that you have clearly been putting into practice. But I don't think I can pick a favorite nugget of wisdom out of the many that this book contains. All of the advise within the pages of this book is great advice, and they are all nuggets of wisdom that internet uses everywhere should be grateful to have access to.
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