The Rock and Roll Times - Music Industry Bible

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The Rock and Roll Times- Music Industry Bible's aim is to show bands how they can do it for themselves. From recording their CD, to PRS and Publishing, to getting a Manager, Touring, Press and Publicity, Merchandise, How to set up their own Record Label amongst other chapters on all aspects of the music industry.

This is a music industry guide for the New Music Business. More

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About Will Beattie

I have spent the last fifteen years working in various guises in the music industry. I've been an artist manager and music-journalist, with my last incarnation as A&R guy over at Ruffworld Music, working with Joe Ruffalo (manager of Prince, Earth, Wind and Fire).

This long road led to the release of my first book - The Rock and Roll Times - Music Industry Bible. A High-Octane roller coaster blockbuster of sex and drugs on a biblical scale. Just kidding; It's actually a kick-ass guide showing young bands how they can create a career for themselves whilst chasing that never-gonna-happen-record-deal. And Win.

The platform for the book is the soon to be launched music website - The Rock and Roll Times. More news to follow...
My first book - The Rock and Roll Times - Guide to the Music Industry is a concise attempt at breaking down the myths, legends and bullshit surrounding the music industry, and how to break into it.

Aimed mostly at young bands trying to get a record deal, it is simply a Guerilla Guide for Indie brains and talent to create a platform whilst understanding a career in the music industry is a journey and not a destination. Maybe along the way the book can help them make a little bit more money and a little less ripped-off.

Chapters in the book range from: Rehearsals, Song-Writing, Gigs, Management, Legal, Recording, Getting Your CD into iTunes along with other valuable areas such as PR, Shooting Promo Videos and Merch.

Having spent many years in the music industry myself in various guises as A&R, management and Press; it became obvious as the digital world took over, it would bring more chances and opportunities for young bands to get their acts together professional and get their music heard over the digital airwaves . It was under this premise that the book was written.

Currently in development, are plans for music concept Websites that tie-in with a TV and Radio Show. More help is needed. If anyone out there would like plans, please feel free to get in touch.

Outside of that, other books are in development that include TV and Film scripts.

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Review by: Adriana Rubio on Sep. 19, 2011 :
“The Rock and Roll Times - Music Industry Bible” is an educational book written to inspire and give insight to new young bands and musicians who wish to build a career in the music industry. It provides accurate information on how to lead their musical careers by themselves. A MUST READ!
(reviewed 31 days after purchase)
Review by: Leslaw Dutkowski on Sep. 4, 2011 :
Well, I've been asked for review, but to be honest I'm still in the process of reading Will's book. It's so meticulously written, yet at the same time interesting, that I talked to myself, there is no rush. Step by step, carefully, with attention to what will observed in music business, and he did a lot! I think before parent will buy your talented offspring guitar, drum kit, keyboards, fiddle or any other instrument, ma or dad should first provide fruit of their inconditional (hopefully) and passionate (also, hopefully) love with pro and contra arguments, which Mr. Beatie carefully collected in span of years, I suppose. Your beloved baby perhaps will be more carefull with choosing career path, or better, it will be able not to let get screwed up / ripped off by so-called businessmen, record company guys, "brilliant" managers. OK, right now I won't waste my time on writing since I should read the Bible thoroughly, right? :) Congrats Will. I have not the slightest doubt, that as soon as I get to the back cover, I will be willing to say again, what I'd written above.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Review by: Alaina Henderson on Aug. 31, 2011 :
If you’re a budding rock star you probably already live by the notion that rock ‘n’ roll should be a religion, and now courtesy of author Will Beattie, ‘The Rock and Roll Times – Music Industry Bible’ is here. It’s everything you’ll need for starting off and staying at the top in the music business.
Whether you’re interested in behind the scenes such as PR and A&R, or being in the spotlight singing, playing guitar or otherwise, all the golden nuggets about the business are right here. It also details what the industry big guns look for in bands and well structured hints and tips on how to achieve the right angles. As this is insider knowledge from someone who has worked in A&R, you’re getting advice from a different perspective that might otherwise be hard to come across.
Laid out clearly with separate sections – very bible-like – it’s easy to go straight to the ‘psalm’ for your needs. From promotion, to songwriting, to gigging, to legal advice, you learn it’s not just about making good music to get to the top, it’s about drive, passion, hunger, charisma and a whole lot of hard work.
Another great thing is the way it’s written. The language used is relaxed and friendly, a bit like having a chat with someone more than reading a how-to manual. This makes for a great and interesting read whether you’re trying to get into the business or not. There’s references to well known bands for the reader to relate to, such as AC/DC and Metallica, so you even get some insider gossip about them too.
Whether you’re looking to start a band, get into the music business or interested in the industry as a whole, this is great. Easy to understand, enjoyable to read and from an intelligent insider point of view. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll, but keep the faith, and read on……
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
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