I Am Not The Point

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From birth WE have been taught that WE are “the point”. It’s not new, and has been an existing reality as part of life on planet earth throughout history. It’s the reason why WE invade other people’s countries as if entitled because after all, WE decided it was alright to do so. But what if WE aren’t the point? What if there’s a much higher point and viewpoint? What if we’ve lost the plot?
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About Bill Taylor

I believe when it comes to the topic of "faith" it's important to know the heart of the writer you are reading. To be honest: Much is written but little is actually lived out in our modern day faith culture. My opinion? If our Sunday's don't translate to our Monday's, then our Sunday's are irrelevant.

If you've perused my writings I trust you have noticed that I'm an unapologetic non-conformist thus not religious per say. In fact, my greatest concern in life is to be dismissed as a "religious person". My preference? A "real person".

From day one of my sojourn with God it's always been a "real or nothing" mindset I've walked in. Admittedly never perfect and often awkward, but that has been and continues to be, the road I've traveled.

At 27 years of age Jesus literally stole my heart. I did not join a "Club". I fell in love and entered the "Kingdom" of my Lover. To me, that was as serious as it gets!

To be honest, I consider religiosity and reality to be opposites with religion being the synthetic replacement for a life transforming relationship with God through the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thus, I have no appetite for the many institutional labels being offered. Truthfully, I have never been able to eat from that table with any degree of comfort.

You see, I don't desire to be conformed or reformed but rather "transformed" into a more accurate reflection of Jesus. I do believe that's the "singular" purpose of my journey!

Apart from the descriptive "Disciple Of Jesus", I have zero interest in wearing "add-on identities". If "Disciple" ALONE was good enough for the originals two thousand years ago, it's still good enough for me today. No superiority enhancing up-grades needed for my soul to feel complete in Christ. I have noticed that given time to cultivate, additions have a historically confirmed pattern of becoming self-inflating subtractions.

In short: I am a "Christian" whose heart becomes quite confused when asked: "What Kind?" My spirit echoes The Apostle Paul's words that he penned with the deepest of spiritual sincerity: "I want to know CHRIST". Simply stated: That is "The Kind" I am and totally fulfilled being so! Daily walking in step with Jesus while not complicated, is challenging to the extreme but if seen correctly, the challenge is actually a privilege.

It's an amazing life being the sheep of a SHEPHERD who can stand ALONE in His altogether loveliness as the singular object of my heart's affection!

While my writings may not adhere to the status quo at times, I do hope at the very least they provide food for thought.

Blessings to all.

Bill Taylor


Review by: Namref H. Tims on June 5, 2017 :
I really enjoyed this book by Bill Taylor " I Am Not The Point". It is heart-warming to see someone help the homeless.

To an extent I share Bill's experiences. Years ago, I would keep loose change in my car. When someone approached, I would roll down my window and give the person a handful.

Over the last several years, I have placed the loose change with an envelope filled with one dollar bills. I usually give a dollar, sometimes I give several or more.

Other occasions, if I have food, I give this as well.
But this review is NOT about me-- It is about Bill!

A well-crafted account of how to help the homeless while leaving their dignity in tact!
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