Breeding My Sister 8-Pack Vol 2

Adult Taboo Erotica
Stories Included:

- Breeding My Bratty Sister
- I'm Fertile. Dad's Gone. Fuck Me, Bro!
- Home Alone With Brother
- Banging My Sister Bella
- Blackmailing Brother
- Cumming in my Sister's Cute Cunt
- My Sister, My Cum Slave
- Impregnating My Wife & Sister More

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Drugged By The Dog To Carry His Puppies -

4/1 -

Branded By The Stallion -

3/31 -

*** Remote-Controlling Mom & Sis -

*** Birthing The Akita's Puppies -

3/30 -

*** Birthing The Tiger's Kittens -

3/29 -

*** Raped By The Stray & Forced To Carry His Pups -

3/27 -

*** Raped By Daddy & Uncle - At The Same Time! -

*** Birthing My Golden's Pups -

3/24 -

*** Raping My Sleeping Granddaughter -

3/23 -

*** I Fucked My Aunt In The Bathroom While Mom Showered Part 1 & 2 -

3/22 -

*** Birthing My Very Own Foal -

3/17 -

*** Daddy Raped Me 3-Pack Vol 1 -

3/16 -

*** Fucked Twins In My Drunken Mother's Cunt -

*** Bred By Stallions 20-Pack Vol 1 -

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*** Birthing My German Shepherd's Puppies -

*** Raping My Niece In The Shower -

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*** Blonde Bimbos Have Bigger Boobs 15-Pack Vol 1 -

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*** Raping My Daughter's Virgin Cunt -

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*** Daddy Choked Me 1: So Hard I Nearly Passed Out -

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*** Two Men And A Hen -

*** Fucking My Blind Sister -

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*** Raping My Married Sister - In Front Of Her Husband! -

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*** I Fisted Mom's Tight Cunt -

2/24 -

*** Dad Helped Me Knock Up My Younger Sister -

*** My Dog Came In Me For 15 Min Straight! -

2/21 -

*** Sinking My Cock In The Dolphin's Tight Cunt -

*** Daddy Raped Me! -

2/18 -

*** Big Dogs Have Bigger Cocks 15-Pack Vol 6 -

2/17 -

*** Family Mind Control 3-Pack Vol 1 -

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*** Turned My Brother Into A Bimbo, Then Knocked Her Up -

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*** Mind-Controlling Mom & Sis To Become My Fertile Sex Slaves -

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*** I Knocked Up Mom In The Backseat While Dad Drove -

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*** Mind Controlled & Forced To Breed The Pit Bull -

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*** Mothers Sisters Daughters Raped & Knocked Up 5-Pack Vol 1 -

2/6 -

*** Forcing My Thick Cock In My Sister's Tight Cunt -

2/3 -

*** I Raped My Sister's Unprotected Womb -

2/1 -

*** Daddies Impregnating Their Daughters 8-Pack Vol 9 -

1/28 -

*** Raping My Sister As She Sleeps -

1/26 -

*** Raped By My Brothers In The Backseat -

*** Mouthy Sluts Get Raped 2: Mom Would Not Shut Up! -

1/24 -

*** Raped By The Clydesdale -

1/22 -

*** Knotted & Tied Deep Inside Vol 15 -

*** Stolen In Their Sleep 8-Pack Vol 1 -

1/21 -

*** Breeding My Sister 8-Pack Vol 4 -

1/20 -

*** My Dog Choked Me Until I Submitted -

*** Pure Sex 3: Climbed In Mom's Window & Raped Her -

*** Turned My Sleepwalking Sister Into A Bimbo Hucow -

1/19 -

*** Filly Fucking 5-Pack Vol 1 -

These hot fillies and mares get their heat-filled cunts plowed into by strong, dominant men who just can’t resist a bit of man-on-mare action!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to stick your dick in horse pussy, wonder no further! Come along for the ride as these gentle giants get knocked up by horny guys!

1/18 -

*** My Sister Acted Like a Bitch - So I Made Her One! -

That fucking bitch wrecked his car and blamed it on him! Kent seethed inside as his slutty, 18-year-old sister mocked him for not being daddy’s favorite. Someone needed to teach the fucking bitch a lesson.

If Violet wanted to be a bitch so bad, he could make that happen…

How would it feel to fuck her slutty doggy cunt and knock her up?

Maybe his sister being a bitch wasn’t so bad after all!

*** Daddy Forced A Baby In My Fertile Womb -

I just wanted a taste of that impossibly long, thick cock. I’d seen daddy in the shower and I knew I had to have him. I needed him. I snuck into his room when he was sleeping and snuggled up next to him. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew I was doing illicit, forbidden things to daddy’s cock.

Then he caught me!

1/15 -

*** Pure Rape 2: Raping My Niece Straight -

My sister told me that her 18-year-old daughter, Brittany, was a brat. But I never knew how much of a brat until I saw first hand. She threw a full-on temper tantrum in the store - rolling on the ground, kicking and screaming.

Maybe Daphne couldn’t stop her daughter, but I was a cop. I wasn’t going to let the little bitch get away with her shit anymore. I was going to rape some sense into her.

1/14 -

*** I Forced Mom & Sis To Make Out As I Raped Them -

*** We Were Raped By My Doberman! -

*** My Aunt Caught Me Knocking Up Her Daughter Part 1 & 2 -

Fucking my 18-year-old cousin in the back of her mother’s closet might just have been the hottest fucking thing I’d ever done.

Until her mother - my aunt - caught us in the act!

Part 1 - Me banging the FUCK out of the birthday girl while her whole family is just in the other room.

Part 2 - Us dealing with the fallout of her mother catching us.

Oh, and did I mention that Lisa was a virgin? No?

*** Raped By The Lion -

It was supposed to be safe. The handlers and trainers insisted they could control the large, black lion. But when Lisa, the haughty actress, stepped into her role, everything changed.

The lion wasn’t supposed to be able to reach her.

But no one told the lion.

Lisa finds out who her real friends are when a vicious lion is ripping away every last vestige of dignity - and clothing - she has.

*** Mind Controlled My Niece & Forced Her To Lactate -

So, the next day I moved in with my brother's wife and daughter and immediately assumed the role of father figure.

Today is when I start her training. See, I'm a hypnotherapist. I put people under for a living. And I know all too well the power of the hypnotized mind. I want my niece to be a nice, obedient girl who'll do anything I - or her mother - tells her to. I want her to be a good slave.

1/13 -

*** Pound Dog Bitch -

You won't believe how I became the brood bitch for five very large and VERY angry pound dogs. It all started because I wanted a fucking Chihuahua. Yeah, I thought it might be a good idea to get Fifi a friend.

*** Mouthy Sluts Get Raped 1: Raping My Bratty Daughter With Her Mother's Help -

I'd fucking had it with my bratty, mouthy daughter. She was home from college for the holidays and was as bitchy as ever. First she needed money to go see her friends, then she needed my car to get there. On and on it went.

Her mother refused to do a thing about it, so I took matters into my own hands.

That’s when I found out her mother was sick of it, too. Maybe even more than me!

1/12 -

*** My Dog Made Me Submit To Him -

It was a vicious, unprovoked assault. My dog chased away my date, knocked me down and raped the spirit out of me. I fought as best I could, but he was a big dog and I stood no chance. If I didn’t want to end up a statistic with my throat ripped out just because I told Buddy no, I was going to have to submit.

Like it or not, I was now his rape receptacle. Forced to give my life to him.

1/10 -

*** Pure Rape 1: Raping Mom Pregnant -

Pure Rape:

Sometimes you just have that need. The need to grab the nearest mother or sister or cop and just rape the fuck out of them. No build up, no cool down, just pure filthy, bestial rape.

Nothing but the best.

*** Knotted & Tied Deep Inside Vol 14 -

*** Taking Advantage of My Drunk Mother & Aunt -

I had never seen my aunt before, but when she shoved my face into her buxom bosom, I knew I had come home.

Mom and Aunt Sara met up and discussed old times, going out for a night on the town. When they got back, the two hot MILFs snuck up to my room and drunkenly explored my body.

Mom was a bit shy, but with the help of my large-breasted aunt, she did things she would’ve never done sober.

1/9 -

*** Raping My Screaming Mother In The Shower -

She had it coming. Running around and acting like a slut all the time. Who the hell did she think she was? As the man of the house, it was high time I put my foot down and raped some sense into that tight, motherly cunt of hers.

Waiting for just the right time for maximum impact, I pounced.

*** My Dog Raped The Mail Lady -

It was the damndest thing. We’d just brought Buddy home from the pound and even though they warned us that he could be vicious, we thought it was just a joke.

Grabbing some popcorn and a beer, I watched my vicious German Shepherd knock down, shred the clothes off, rape and fully knot the post lady.

I suppose I could’ve helped. But this was just too good of a show to pass up!


*** Knocking Up My Sleepwalking Sister -

She was asleep, yet she wasn’t. Angelina was sleepwalking again! But when she climbed in my bed naked and insisted it was hers, I tested exactly how deep asleep she was. Would kissing her wake her? Running my hands over her long, slender, smooth legs? Fondling her breasts that were pressed up against me?

Would nothing arouse her from her slumber?

Not even that?

1/8 -

*** Threesome With Mom & Her Two Fillies -

I never knew my mother was such a bestial she-devil. Without a second thought, she led me out to the barn and presented me her two fillies to do anything I wanted with. With a twist - she wanted in on the action, too!

Mom begged me to take her and the fillies at the same time. Some of the filthy, bestial acts she requested will shock you to your core! I know they did me!

1/7 -

*** Caught Fucking The Pastor's Pit Bull! -

I couldn’t help myself. I was bored, horny and couldn’t take another moment of listening to mom and the pastor. With Jacob, the pastor’s dog, in tow, I fled to my room to relieve my hormonal impulses.

Smelling my heat, Jacob showed me a world that I never knew existed. Excitement flooded through me as the large Pit Bull was the first man to claim me.

Shit hit the fan, however, when they caught us!

1/6 -

*** Raped By Satan -

Satan grew bored in his kingdom. He wanted a challenge. He made a bet with his secretary that she couldn’t find him a worthy, spirited virgin to rape. To his surprise, she brought him Camilla to toy with for his pleasure.

Niki the succubus was going to enjoy ruling hell while Satan was busy “persuading” Camilla to see things his way.

1/5 -

*** Sinking My Cock Deep In The Chimp's Swollen Cunt -

I’d never fucked a chimp before. How would it feel?

Maya, the virgin chimp, was alone in her enclosure and part of my duties were to make sure everyone had everything they needed.

What Maya needed was my cock. She wanted a baby. Bad. My baby. Was this even possible? Could I knock up a chimp?

I tried to resist her charms, but I hadn’t been with my girlfriend in a while and my will was weak…

*** Hucow Milk Slaves 9-Pack Vol 1 -

Smooth, rich, creamy, milky, Hucow goodness! These Hucow slaves do whatever their masters tell them to. Just like good little cows.


1/4 -

*** I Came In Sis's Panties - Now She's Pregnant! -

"You did WHAT???" My sister screamed at me as she stood in her room looking at her naked, pregnant belly in the mirror.

"Calm down, Amy..." I put a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sure this happens in lots of households."

Amy turned and glared at me. She was a tall, athletic 18-year-old volleyball player who was on the fast track for big things. Her piercing green eyes belied her beauty.

*** Raping My Daughter's Ballet Class -

Finding out my 18-year-old daughter’s ballet lessons doubled overnight sent me into a rage. I burst into the practice room, locked the door and raped every single dancer, teacher and secretary in the studio. Every one of them.

I bent them backwards over the balance beam and performed filthy, nasty acts with them. Seven hot women, five in leotards, four virgins including my daughter. All knocked up.

1/3 -

*** Raped By My Son's Football Team -

My son was up to something, I just knew it! I was a good Christian woman and wasn’t going to let my wicked son be led astray.

What I found when I followed him one night shocked me to my core. Drugs, drinking, gambling and all manner of evilness! I vowed to put a stop to this. But my son, my precious son, had already fallen.

They raped me in every hole, dominated me until I broke. Oh Lord!

1/2 (Happy New Year!) -

*** Forcing Mom & Sis To Be Hucow Slaves -

It was just for some extra money, I told myself as I bought the Hucow pill. Forcing the pill down my sister’s throat, I watched in excitement as her breasts literally burst through her t-shirt, began spraying milk everywhere and she became as dumb as a box of rocks.

Mom tried to stop me, but I jammed the pill down her throat.

Watch as mom helps me rape my spirited sister and make her my slave.

12/30 -

*** The Naughty Nine Rape Bundle -

9 volcanic-hot Rape stories from some of the biggest names in the business: Penelope Liksit, Krissy Cox, Jade Summers, Farleven, Tori Westwood, Lisa Smiles, Trisha Treat, Belle Bottoms and of course the queen of smut herself: Amber FoxxFire!

You are in for a REAL treat with these bad boys! When you’re ready for more, grab some of their other stories and see what they’ve got in store for you!

12/29 -

*** Raped By My German Shepherd -

We were out camping in the forest, when suddenly - out of nowhere - a wicked-bright flash of light streaked across the night sky, lighting up the surrounding forest like a lightning bolt. Jax, my trusty German Shepherd, bolted from the campsite and raced toward the meteor. I tried to catch him, but failed. Once I did, he was no longer the same loving pup he used to be. He was a vicious beast!

12/28 -

*** 500-Pack Vol 1 -

500 Stories! Pick up your copy of the Amber FoxxFire omnibus today!

*** 50-Pack Vol 10 -

12/27 -

*** 50-Pack Vol 9 -

New Stories:

12/25 - (Merry Christmas!)

*** They Deserved It!: All The Rape 1 -

Every one of my rape stories to this point. ALL THE RAPE!

36 HOT vicious rape stories all in one convenient place.

(And they all deserved it!)

12/24 -

*** Fucking The Mare With The Farmer's Daughter's Help -

My girlfriend said she wanted an open relationship. She said she wanted me to bang her best friend.

Wow, that was a surprise!

What she didn’t tell me was that her best friend her her daddy’s prized mare.

12/23 -

*** Raped By The Stray Dogs -

Four large, vicious stray dogs suddenly attacked me. Jumping out from behind bushes, they snarled and snapped, scaring my horse away and knocking me to the ground.

Right into their bestial clutches.

Something was wrong with these dogs. They were more than menacing. They were more than vicious. They were…a rape gang.

Can I survive their terrible onslaught? Or will I succumb to their demands?

12/22 -

*** Hot New Filly On The Farm Gets Fucked -

Farmer Steve just brought her in: Crystal, the hot new Arabian filly. She pranced out of the horse trailer, held her head and tail high and trotted around the farm like she owned it.

I had to have her. Her hot, fertile body was so sleek, so gorgeous. I needed to feel how her tight, virgin filly cunt felt wrapped around my aching shaft.

Maybe if I was really lucky, she let me knock her up.

12/21 -

*** Raping My Helpless, Paralyzed Daughter -

When my 18-year-old daughter had gotten herself into a car accident, I was worried with fear. Would she make it? Would she have any lasting, long-term damage?

And how could I take advantage of the situation?

*** Latina Mother Daughter Sex Slaves -

18-year-old Latina Maria and her mother needed to get out of Mexico stat.

I needed some hot sex slaves to satisfy me anytime I wanted.

But first I had to convince my wife she needed domestic help, then I had to smuggle them out of the country under the ever-watchful border patrol’s keen eyes.

Two hot Latinas at my beck and call, anytime, anywhere I wanted.

This might just be worth the risk…

*** Raping My Three Sisters -

How dare they! Go behind mom & dad’s back. As the man of the family, it was my duty to keep my three bratty sisters out of trouble.

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