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Exactly who is the “Prosperity Gospel” prospering? Interesting question don’t you think? While not being a popular one, I do think it's important, unless we actually believe that our mission as disciples of Jesus is to create mansions for our leaders to reside in with bulging bank accounts to match. North American Christianity might suggest it to be so. Let's face it, Jesus is big business!
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About Bill Taylor

Hello to all with a few words of transparent testimony. I believe when it comes to the topic of "faith" it's good and appropriate to know the heart of the writer you are reading.

If you've perused my writings I trust you have noticed that I'm a non-conformist thus not religious per say. In fact, my greatest concern in life is to be dismissed as a "religious person".

From day one of my sojourn with God it's always been a "real or nothing" mind-set I've walked in. Admittedly never perfect and often awkward, but that has been and continues to be, the road I've traveled.

At 27 years of age Jesus literally stole my heart. I did not join a "Club". I fell in love and entered the "Kingdom" of my lover. To me, that was as serious as it gets!

To be honest, I consider religiosity and reality to be opposites with religion being the synthetic replacement for a life transforming relationship with God through the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thus, I have no appetite for the many institutional labels being offered. Truthfully, I have never been able to eat from that table with any degree of comfort.

You see, I don't desire to be conformed or reformed but rather "transformed" into a more accurate reflection of Jesus. I do believe that's the "singular" purpose of my journey!

Apart from the descriptive "Disciple Of Jesus", I have zero interest in wearing "add-on identities". If "Disciple" ALONE was good enough for the originals two thousand years ago, it's still good enough for me today. No superiority enhancing up-grades needed for my soul to feel complete in Christ. I have noticed that given time to cultivate, additions have a historically confirmed pattern of becoming self-inflating, divisive, subtractions.

In short: I am a "Christian" whose heart becomes quite confused when asked: "What Kind?" My spirit echoes The Apostle Paul's words that he penned with the deepest of spiritual sincerity: "I want to know CHRIST". Simply stated: That is "The Kind" I am and totally fulfilled being so!

It's an amazing life being the sheep of a SHEPHERD who can stand ALONE in His altogether loveliness as the singular object of my heart's affection!

While my writings may not adhere to the status quo at times, I do hope at the very least they provide food for thought.

Bill Taylor


Review by: Namref H. Tims on June 6, 2017 :
This is a food --- oops I meant : This is a good read but perhaps it is food...spiritiual food as well.
The one thing I hoped for was more specificity. For instance: I am on the books as a member of Lakewood Church in Houston. I,however, have not been present in church for over 3 years, although I do watch on TV.

Joel Osteen is one of the ministers who is often described as preaching "prosperity gospel". It seems Bill was reluctant to give actual names. Not sure if it is because of fear of reprisal or fear of making a mistake in judgment.

For me : the jury is out , at least for Joel Osteen. It is hard to determine exactly how much of a church's resources go toward helping the less fortunate. Barring fraud, the church's books are pretty much closed to the general public ( as far as I can determine). I see the Lakewood ministry reaching out to countries in Africa. I see them advertise from time to time on TV about local projects.
Yet, it is still hard to determine how much of the wealth they receive through donation is distributed to the poor and less fortunate.

As for Joel Osteen, I saw one article where his net worth was estimated at over 40 million. Of course, there are some with net worths much higher.

But is Osteen and others truly hypocrites?
Of course there is the saying about the Camel passing through the eye of a needle.

Yet, the Bible talks about prosperity as well. It seems there are a number of Holy Men who were prosperous. KIng David, Solomon.

Those two men ( Kings) Holy Men were filthy rich. Yet for one of them wealth was perhaps not his greatest sin. Yes Bill-- as you know King David sent a man to the front line so that he would be killed -- and King David could then possess his wife.

So for me -- for Joel Osteen ( my pastor at least nominally) the jury is still out.

Over -all I enjoyed reading this mini book. As always, Bill gives a lot of good information, insight and inspiration.
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