The Little Shop of Big Dreams - Book 3

In a little shop known for its mysteries and its shop owner, Aunt Polly, two boys fall into another world. Together, they learn why bullying is not good, and how they can change to be better kids. By working together and helping each other in times of need, they figure out how to get back home. In this way, they find their lives are changed forever. More
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August 27, 2018
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About CC McGuire

The author has written numerous novels, many of which are trilogies or multi-volume sets, and span many different types of book genre from fantasies and murder mysteries to children’s stories and allegories. He has been cited for his creativity and fresh approach in each of the book categories for which he has written. For this series of novels, the author has used CC McGuire as the pen name. The author uses a unique pen name for each genre – one that is most fitting to that style writing.

The author has a family and lives with them in Chicago.


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