Splitting The Difference

Kisane, a professional psychologist and Ralph, a senior construction manager met as children, married young, raised three daughters and like so many long-married couples are comfortable but bored. Kisane is being bullied at work and dreams of having her own practice. More

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About Kairen Cullen

BORN Newmarket - GREW UP in East Anglia, the Midlands, Lancashire and Hampshire and attended 9 different schools. General school report consensus: daydreamer;
MARRIED aged 20 years to Roger, aka my rock;
CHILDREN - 4 - that is all you need to know - their lives are their own!
EDUCATION PROPER started in 1979 - Bachelor of Education, Bachelor and Master of Science, PhD
WORK - NURSE (3 years), POLICE OFFICER (18 months), TEACHER(10 years), EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST (23 years and continuing)
INTERESTS - Books - reading and writing - drama - TV - film - cooking - gardening - running - yoga - swimming - walking - dogs and cats - football
VALUES - If you have to label me call me a humanist - always aspiring to manifest empathy, congruence and acceptance

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