You Have The Right Not To Make Your Parents Proud.
 A Book Of Quotes

A collection of 121 quotes from my book You Have The Right Not To Make Your Parents Proud.
A good way to refresh the book's main points in less than 60 minutes.
A nice instagram card design, but, most important, a valuable and life-changing content.

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About Lukasz Laniecki

"By questioning and by challenging, and by having a degree of determination and conviction and enthusiasm and passion you really can make a difference to the world."
- Norman Foster

Hi, I'm Lukasz. Thank you for visiting my profile.

Every time I write, whether it's a short blog post, or a lengthy answer on Quora, or an elaborate piece of content, or a book, I want to add as much value as possible to people's lives.

I believe it's what writing should be about. Value creation and making a connection between the writer and the reader.

Every day I try to add huge value by putting my stuff out there, in whatever form. I also get a lot value from people who read it and comment on it. They inspire me and offer their unique point of view.

We don't necessarily need to agree 100% of the time. That's the beauty of it. I offer my perspective and get the chance to learn what other perspectives are also possible. That's how value is created. From sharing myriad different perspectives by people with various backgrounds and belief systems.

Reading and writing takes time. It also costs us both money. It's an investment, both by the reader and the writer.

I greatly appreciate your decision to invest your money and time with me, and I can promise you that what you get from me was made with passion and great attention to detail.

I strongly believe in the quality of my work, and in the value it can add. Writing and helping young adults find themselves in their adult lives is my passion. They say passion leads to great work. I believe it's true. Why? Because people with passion spend insane amounts of time each day doing their thing, learning their craft, improving. And they can't imagine themselves not doing it. It's their oxygen. That's me.

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