The Agony (Wahala) of King Zontaba II

When Princess Zorka set out on a mushroom hunt with her maids, she did not know that she would not return to the Kingdom of Nzorkor for the next five years. Years go by with no sign of the princess. The warriors of Nzorkor search everywhere in the Evil Forest but are unsuccessful in finding her. King Zontaba II, afraid that he may be responsible for her disappearance consults a sorcerer... More

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About Dalous Gabriel Yaw

Gabriel Dalous Yaw (Gaby), trained as a health inspector from Accra School of Hygiene, and an environmentalist from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology,

He is a former municipal director of the environmental health and sanitation department at the Sunyani Municipal Assembly in Ghana, Africa. Now he works as a care specialist with Nurse Next Door, in Edmonton, Canada and Excel Society, in Edmonton Canada.

Developing a passion for writing fiction

Growing up, I use to like listening to stories from many people. My late grandmother was my favourite story teller. I was a city boy growing up until my father decided to send me to the village to, according to him, learn something about my background and my native language.

I was therefore sent to my grandmother. Oh how I miss her. She was fun to be with. Every evening after supper, particularly when the moon was shining brighter, she would gather us little ones together for story time. She would tell us different folklore stories and at the end of each story, she would explain the moral lessons about these stories. The impact of the little time I spent in the village with my grandmother was tremendous. I began at that early age to commit most of those stories to memory and when I went back to the city, I would try to tell some of those stories to my mother and father and my younger siblings.

When I became of age, I started forming my own stories, taking lessons learned in the village from my grandmother. From my high school days, I realized that I could make a story from any situation to the surprise and admiration of my friends and classmates. In college, I had the edge to write some of these stories down but I was always afraid of failing. The fear of failure prevented me from exploring this potential in me. But the older I grew, the more confident I became, but yet still not to the point where I thought I could write. I will imagine a story and begin to write. After reading through the little I’d written, I would destroy it because I felt it was not good enough.

This is how I learned how to tell stories and this has helped me to create fiction out of anything and any place and any situation. I am still trying very hard to perfect my potential and writing this book is just the beginning. I hope readers will enjoy it and this will give me the courage to be a better author as I grow in this industry.





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