A Complete Beginners Guide How To Heal & Balance Anahata Heart Chakra - A Simplified Step By Step Guide Practical To Awaken Self Love - Compassion - Gratitude And Forgiveness Towards Yourself & Others

This Book is a simplified easy step by step practical beginners' which guide to learn, understand how and why should to heal & balance Anahata Heart Chakra through the ancient Vedic science of Heart Chakra Healing. Meditations techniques in these books give you immediate benefits to Awaken Self-Acceptance - Self-Love - Compassion - Gratitude and Forgiveness towards yourself & others in Life. More

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About Shiva Girish

Born in India, Shiva Girish ( A Modern New Age Tantra Yoga & Meditation Master) left his home town 13 years ago and started his spiritual journey as a seeker travelling to different cities of India. During this journey he explored many different ways to transform his life and failed many times until he found the meditation techniques of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Inspired by these ancient teaching, he has been conducting classes, workshops and training in various parts of India and abroad for the last 7 years.

Shiva practices and shares the teachings that he has learnt directly from many different traditional Hindu Yogis, Sadhus, Gurus and Tantra masters. It is the same meditation practice that also is and has been the base of many eastern cultures for many centuries. He specializes in Kundlini Tantra Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Osho Meditation along with active & passive meditation techniques from Kashmir Shaivism – Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

Based upon his learning’s, Shiva Girish has written a number of excellent books on various forms of active & passive meditation techniques as well as yoga kriyas, that are designed to meet the needs of people in the modern world, as well as beginners, right through to yoga meditation teachers and therapists as a manual to guide them in their path of self transformation in daily lives.

All of Shiva’s books are based on fact and the science of the human body referencing to direct sources. But, his books are not just for reading and understanding, they are intended as a guide, with clear introduction, do’s and don’ts, and step by step instructions that make it easy to practice them in their daily lives, even for beginners.

Shiva encourages you to practice and understands directly through your own experience.

Shiva has experienced the powerful effects of this practice in his own life. It has transformed him from living a life as an insurance agent and web designer into being a tantra meditation teacher. Ever since he has travelled through many countries and he keeps on sharing what he has learnt on his journey with the people that he meets.

Following are the base sources of meditation techniques mentioned in Shiva’s books:
o Tantra Yoga kriyas.
o Seven Chakra Psychic Breathing.
o Passive Meditation Techniques.
o Dynamic Active Meditation Techniques.
o Swara / Kundlini Yoga Kriyas.
o Meditation Techniques From Kashmir Shaivism – Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.
o Buddhist Meditation Techniques.
o Few Other Meditation Techniques From Enlightened Master Of Past Centuries.

His books surely have the potential to transform anybody emotionally, mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually It's up to peoples own commitment and willingness to further deepen there practice so that you may achieve all of your dreams, desires and wishes in this life.

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About the Series: From the Beginner’s To Advance Practitioner A Comprehensive Step By Step Practical Guide To Chakras Healing Tantra Meditation Techniques
Tantra Is Tool For Expansion Of Consciousness And Liberation So As To Reach The Transcendental States. Tantra Is A Approach Of Life, Which integrates Emotions, The Five Senses, Sexuality, Love And Consciousness. It Is The Scientific Path To Know And Realize The Self.

This series takes you deeper into the 7 wheels (chakras) of life through the route of Tantra Meditation, which you can practice either individually or with a partner.

The first book “The Complete Beginners' Guide On How To Heal Chakras ” takes you deeper into the process of strengthening Aura power and radiating positive energy combined with healing and balancing of the seven chakras in human body.

"Tantra Meditation For Individuals" & "Tantra Meditation For Partners"

These 2 books should be read thoroughly as they contain 21 different breathing meditation techniques to achieve the state of true consciousness and bringing your partner along.

Tantra Is More Practical And Natural Not Philosophical. It Can Only Be Practiced And Experienced, Cannot Be Explained In Mere Words. Tantra Is A Way Of Life, A Path Of Personal Growth That Embraces All Aspects Of Life.

Also in Series: From the Beginner’s To Advance Practitioner A Comprehensive Step By Step Practical Guide To Chakras Healing Tantra Meditation Techniques

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