Evil Isn't New

Do not be swallowed up in the propaganda. Terrorism has absolutely nothing to do with God! Based on the obvious evidence, that truth shouldn’t need to be stated. “Evil” is its spiritual root regardless of who the terrorists are or when they appear in the landscape of time. Man has a history of enjoying the act of “PLAYING GOD” with “GOD’S CREATION”. Evil isn’t a new thing and we need not fear it!
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ISBN: 9781988767321
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About Bill Taylor

Hello to all with a few words of transparent testimony:

If you've perused my writings I trust you have noticed that I'm a non-conformist thus not religious per say. In fact, my greatest concern in life is to be dismissed as a "religious person".

From day one of my sojourn with God it's always been a "real or nothing" mind-set I've walked in. Admittedly never perfect and often awkward, but that has been and continues to be, the road I've traveled.

At 27 years of age Jesus literally stole my heart. I did not join a "Club". I fell in love and entered the "Kingdom" of my lover and knew it! To me, that was as serious as it gets!

To be honest: I consider religion and reality to be opposites with religion being the synthetic replacement for a life transforming relationship with God through the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thus, I have no appetite for the multiple labellings the spirit of religion offers.

You see, I don't desire to be conformed or reformed but rather "transformed" into a more accurate reflection of Jesus. I do believe that's the "singular" purpose of my journey!

Apart from the descriptive "Disciple Of Jesus", I have zero interest in wearing "add-on identities". If "Disciple" ALONE was good enough for the originals two thousand years ago, it's still good enough for me today. No superiority enhancing up-grades needed for my soul to feel complete in Christ. I have noticed over time that additions have a predictable pattern of becoming self-inflating subtractions.

In short: I am a "Christian" whose heart becomes quite saddened when asked: "What Kind?" My spirit echoes The Apostle Paul's words which he penned with the deepest of spiritual sincerity: "I want to know CHRIST". So, to be honest: That is "The Kind" I am, and very thankful to be so!

It's an amazing life being the sheep of a Shepherd who has "surpassing worth". A Shepherd, who can stand alone in His altogether loveliness as the singular object of my heart's affection!

I'm of the opinion that being invited by heaven to participate in the florescent reality of Jesus on a daily basis is a privilege of great value. Biblically and correctly described as "The Pearl Of Great Price".

Again, reflective of Paul the Apostle's feelings on the matter: "I count all else as insignificant by comparison!"

Bill Taylor

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