How To Look Real Naked

How to Look Real Naked, A Comprehensive Guide to a Deeply Personal Relationship With God That Works. More

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About Phylicia C. Goings

Writer, Visionary, and Entrepreneur.

You’ve either heard about How to Look Real Naked from someone you know, on social media, or you encountered it else where.

“No matter how you got tuned in to it, I don’t believe it was by coincidence and if you stay tuned in to it, I do believe it will change your life.” Says author of How to Look Real Naked, Phylicia C. Goings.

“The book is a comprehensive guide to a deeply personal relationship with God, that works! I created so people could access helpful and practical insight about God and their relationship, without all of the religious sauce He’s sometimes served with.”

Phylicia is a young, Mississippi native that grew up in a small town with big city dreams. She spent all the money she had to move to Los Angeles to pursue the dreams that were in her heart and understand what her calling was in life.

“I literally had coins left in my wallet and bank account by the time I got to Los Angeles. I risked everything. The challenges I faced were real and the things I was dealing with internally were painful, but God was faithful and he had a plan far greater than what I had imagined.”

Phylicia went from working 2 jobs and attending classes at night to starting her first company at 22 while living in Los Angeles. As her company grew, so did her quest for the purpose of her life. She ended up penning How To Look Real Naked and life would never be the same.

“I got up every morning at 5:00AM to go running. By the time I got back home, the next chapter of the book would just pour out of me. It was a divine experience that marked a turning point in my life. The nakedness referenced in the book is about transparency. I was faced with my own challenges to looking real naked and writing the book helped to set me free and deepen my relationship with God. After the writing was complete, I took the actions necessary to get the book into the hands of others that needed it.”

Phylicia’s journey continued as she moved to Atlanta and started another company to self-publish the book and create an online platform for it.

“ was not created just for entertainment. It was created to produce results. The book was not written just to be sold, it was written to produce results. When I discovered my purpose was largely connected to people I couldn’t write the book “I” wanted to write, I had to write the book people needed, my life changed and I also changed in the process. I am a witness for what a relationship with God can do, not only for me but for you too!”

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