Galaxy Girls

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Phyrne Galaxy, her mother, aunt and cousin escape from Kergeron to Earth and use pheromones as weapons against an FBI agent and two casino thrugs.

Six years later the agent finds out she has a five-year-old daughter, and two Kergeron warriors are on their trail. Phyrne's calm life running the Tea & Comfort shop in Freedom, KY, is about to get shaken, stirred and screwed. More

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About Edie Ramer

Edie is funnier on the page than in real life. A multiple award-winning writer, she writes books about cats, dragons, aliens, dead people and live people with attitude. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, her dog and one important cat.

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Review by: Jamie Kline on Dec. 1, 2011 :
I wasn't sure at all what to expect with this book, as I don't normally read sci-fi. I definitely was all for giving it a chance though, because it sounded so unique. It certainly didn't disappoint in that aspect. In short, it follows four women from another planet, Kergeron, who steal away to earth in hopes of a better life. When they are ovulating they send out massive amounts of pheromones which basically entrance and incapacitate any surrounding males, which we get to see in action in the first chapter.

I found the characters to be fun and interesting, but I wasn't able to connect with them as well as I had hoped. I just never felt like I got to know them enough to form feelings for them. For the most part the story focuses on the story line between Phyrne (one of the women from Kergeron) and Hawk (an FBI agent). The point of view jumps around throughout the whole book so you get to see a little of what everyone else is thinking, as well as insight into the other, secondary story lines. I definitely liked Phyrne; she was loyal to her friends/family and fiercely protective of her daughter. The only think that annoyed me about her was every time she was around Hawk, all she could think about was jumping into bed with him. Completely understandable though, considering that women from her planet are focused on breeding, but it got to be a bit much at times. I liked Hawk from the start, and he was never quite the same after his first encounter with Phyrne (as can be expected - read the book, you'll know what I mean!). He had a lot of determination and drive, which I admired. Sometimes I think he sent some very mixed messages, but I'll get into that in a minute.
I enjoyed the other characters too, but as with the main characters, I just didn't form a good connection with them.

To call the relationship between Phyrne and Hawk "sweet" would be inaccurate. Instead I would use "dysfunctional" and "sexy". I know, those words are a little strange together, but it completely works in this case. Sure, they do have some sweet moments together, but you have to take into account that she pretty much ravaged him on their first meeting. Back to what I was saying before, I felt like Hawk gave Phyrne some pretty mixed up signals at times, making her feel like her feelings weren't a top priority. True, they weren't dating or exclusive at the time, and we weren't able to get inside his head and see what he was really thinking, but at times it made me wonder if he truly liked her that much. Overall though I thought they were a great match; they just had a lot of obstacles to overcome.

I loved how unique the story line was. To me anyway. Like I said, I don't read a lot of science fiction, but this one caught my interest. I can honestly say I've never read anything quite like this before so it was like a breath of fresh air.

The story was interesting (and at times very sexy), but my lukewarm feelings for the characters brought down the overall grade. That being said, I did enjoy the author's writing style and could definitely see me reading more of her books in the future. If you're looking for a story with sexy aliens, passion, romance, and a little humor thrown in, then you will definitely enjoy this read!
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)
Review by: Paranormal Opinion on Nov. 30, 2011 :
This is a cute story about 4 women who escape from their planet Keregon to find freedom on Earth. The main character in this story is Phyrne, whose superpower is her ability to make men mega-horny with her strong ovulating hormones. After seducing Hawk, an FBI agent, she ends up pregnant with his baby.

One of my favorite characters is Hawk, who is an all around great guy. He spends 6 years looking for this woman who seduced him – he can't get her out of his mind. When he finds out that he is a father, he stops at nothing to keep Phyrne and his daughter safe. The characters in the book are very likeable, I was even interested in some of the secondary characters.

My main issue with this book was that I didn't feel fully satisfied. For starters, there are 2 steamy sex scenes in this book but they are quickies. There isn't any romantic love making where the characters connect. Also, during the whole book, the women are all in danger so there really isn't time for any romance between Hawk and Phyrne. There was a potential romance for Phyrne's mom (which I was very interested in), but nothing ever came about it. Another issue is the ending, I just felt like it was rushed and there were some loose strings. I really don't know if this book is part of a series or not – if so then these things may get tied up in the next book.

Not only was this book about finding love, it's about family and that unbreakable bond. The women in this story are family and I enjoyed the interactions between them. I recommend Galaxy Girls to anyone that likes sci-fi or paranormal romances.
(reviewed 74 days after purchase)
Review by: Linda Andrews on Nov. 18, 2011 :
The planet Kergeron is harsh and brutal. The men are genetically engineered to be warriors and the women breeders. There is no room for finer emotions like love and tenderness, except what a mother feels for her child before it is stripped from her arms. Phryne was born into the Kergeron world and was abused as a breeder. Taking advantage of the chaos of war, Phryne, her mother, cousin and aunt steal a ship and head to Earth. They arrive needing money, money they get from a casino. Their winning sets into motion a series of events that culminates in Phryne seducing a man and bearing his child.

Hawk Higgens is a former FBI agent. Phyrne's seduction ruined his career and him for other women. After six years of hunting her, he's finally tracked her down and the child they created that fateful day. But he's not the only one looking for them. Warriors from Kergeron have finally decided to track down Phryne and her family and bring them back to the planet.

Galaxy Girls is a well-written scifi romance set on planet Earth. Ms. Ramer does a wonderful job of creating a world full of familial love against a backdrop of distrust. Phryne and her kind are breeders, needing men to fulfill their purpose but hating their brutality. Hawk has experienced his own brutality at the hands of a woman, one who used his love to advance her career.

Both will have to overcome their past if they expect to have a future.
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)
Review by: Lilac Wolf on Sep. 21, 2011 :
From: Lilac Wolf and Stuff

This book was sweet! It pulled me right in, another paranormal novel but leaning closer to sci-fi than actual witches. The Galaxy girls are really 2 sisters and their daughters. The story mainly revolves around one of the daughters. She is ovulating with a vengeance when they get to earth. Turns out it's a better weapon than a gun.

Phyrne uses her pheromones to allure and distract the guys with guns, she then turns it onto an FBI agent who comes on the scene and it gets away from her. They must copulate...SHE must copulate with him. And as she was bred to do, she gets pregnant. 6 years later in the story she has a gorgeous little girl and Hawk has spent the entire time looking for Phyrne, not even considering there might be a child involved.

When he finds her, she needs his help to save her family from the FBI and Kergeron males who have come to take them back home. Hawk thought he wanted revenge, but really he wanted more Phyrne and now that he knows he has a daughter he must decide what to do with his life.

I really enjoyed this book, it was sexy and fast paced, even though at first I thought it was long with 350 pages. I read this in a couple of nights, and enjoyed it all. The story doesn't ever slow down for a minute, not once in all those pages. And let me say I can enjoy a long story, The Stand by Stephen King is my favorite book of all and it's wordier than the Bible. But sometimes with all the independent e-books coming my way, anything over 250 has good odds to get a little slow in spots.

Very pleased with this novel, and I have to add Edie Ramer to my growing list of fabulous authors that are writing stories better than you find on the New York Best Seller List. I really should start a list and call them the "Hidden Gems" - don't steal that, that's mine! (lol)
(reviewed 45 days after purchase)
Review by: Christy on Sep. 12, 2011 :
Well now, this book was a fun surprise. I enjoy books with aliens and other worlds, but I don't think that I personally have read very many that involved romance and sex. Not that I'm complaining. Aliens need love too! When I first looked at the table of contents and saw there were sixty-three chapters, I inwardly groaned a little, but turned out they were really short and quick. The story is told from different perspectives that all lead up to a certain point, and I really like that style.

The Galaxy girls are Phyrne, who can see auras - Liss, her mom who is an empath - Deena, cousin who can read minds - and Ki, aunt who is psychic. Besides all having some type of ability, they are all smokin' hot ..... well, more than hot, they look like goddesses. They escaped from the planet Kergeron because the women there are treated like broodmares. They, themselves, are breed to be fertile and produce good offspring. When they ovulate, they let of strong pheromones that would make any man crazy with lust, and that can be a very powerful weapon. But all the women wanted were normal lives without controlling men using them for breeding. Everything they knew about Earth before landing is what they learned from watching television, which could be pretty funny!

I liked the Galaxy women, especially how they were fiercely protective of one another. I thought Phyrne and Hawk's relationship was interesting... in a good but different way. I'd love to get into the whole psychological and biological aspects of it, but I think it would turn this into a 10 page "review." I also enjoyed the relationships that formed between the other characters.

I love when there is humor in a story, and there were a lot of funny comments and observations in this book. Most of it had something to do with the two male aliens who were sent to Earth to retrieve the four women. I may start calling people pren-heads from now on.

Overall, I was very pleased with Galaxy Girls. The author sent this book to me for review and I'm glad that I can honestly say that I enjoyed it. It was my first Edie Ramer book, but I've already download another one by her
(reviewed 25 days after purchase)
Review by: Misty Evans on Aug. 4, 2011 :
A cross between Gilmore Girls and 3rd Rock From the Sun, Galaxy Girls is a fun, 'out-of-this-world' read. Human or alien, mothers will do anything to protect their kids, and Phyrne is no exception. Hawk, too, wants to protect his child, when he discovers he has one. And like most parents, he and Phyrne have different ideas about how to do that. Especially with everyone from the government to the neighbors out to get their family.

The bond between Phyrne and her female relatives adds a nice layer to the story, and the secondary characters from Kergeron are hilarious! I loved them and their take on Earthlings.
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)
Review by: Laurie Jenkins on Aug. 2, 2011 :
The newest book from Edie Ramer, this book is a fun, entertaining novel of four unusual and supernaturally gifted young women who escape from a male dominated planet and arrive on Earth determined to start new lives for themselves.

The author excels at creating believable characters and relationships that most anyone can relate to. There is plenty of humor sprinkled throughout, and the sprightly conversational banter fits this story nicely. I thought this novel was well-written; it has some quirky little episodes that certainly set it apart from most alien adventures. At times, there was some male bashing that made me somewhat uncomfortable; however, given the male dominated, often abusive society the ladies escaped, it is not a far stretch to understand and sympathize with their attitudes. I especially liked that there were several earth men who, when the chips were down, proved their worth in a crisis, and demonstrated some creative sensitivity. That went a long ways towards appeasing the romantic in me. Edie always writes stories that challenge me to re-examine my world-view or certain personal beliefs. She has a talent for capturing the essence of an often nebulous idea and making it come alive in my imagination.

Reviewed by Laurie-J
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)
Review by: Aimee Jessop on July 20, 2011 :
Wow! I'm not one for alien novels usually, but Edie Ramer has yet to let me down. Her spin on extraterrestrial life had me glued to my book. It isn't too outlandish. The aliens are similar to Earth people, with a few differences, mind you, but it wasn't something completely bizarre that would make it unrelatable.

So, it had great characters and a great story. The Galaxy girls land on Earth to escape their home planet. But it isn't just that straight forward. Edie Ramer has crafted such a complex story, different points of view weaving in and out of each other to create such a well written story that leaves the reader on the edge of their seats eager for more.

Definitely the most sexy book Edie Ramer has written to date. Sizzling hot scenes to go with a fabulous story. Fantastic combination! This looks like it will be the first in a new series. It definitely leaves room for more and I can't wait to delve into the lives of the Galaxy Girls again!
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)
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