A Thousand Lies: Lies Every Good American Must Believe

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These are a few of the lies we must believe if America’s political system, culture and world dominance is to endure. Our faith in them insures we never question who we are, how we live or the world we have made.
This list is for all Americans, be they progressive, conservative, moderate or radical. It is guaranteed to offend everyone, regardless of ideology.

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Here is where a writer is supposed to tell you all about the exciting things he's done. How he's wrestled crocodiles in Tanzania, bounced drunks in an Amsterdam brothel, smuggled guns to Cuba and sat in as drummer for the Who in Tokyo. Well, I've never done any of that, but hey, nobody's perfect.

My life is much like yours. I'm just another soul shoe horned into a meat puppet biding my time until I return to the one.

These stories are just dreams I lived. If I've done my job even passably well, then you may live them, too.

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James Jackson reviewed on Jan. 1, 2012

Below are some of the "lies" that the author lists at the beginning. Many of the supposed lies have a base of people who profit by spreading that particular “lie”
1) "Children learn better at public schools than at private or home schools." [This statement is spread by the teacher unions-- including the SEIU of which I am required to be a member-- and buttressed by public school teachers who say one thing yet send their own children to private schools.. Even the NWACP buys into this view. Weird but true.]

2) Sex education has reduced STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, abortion and rape. [This statement has been widely spread by the liberal/progressive leaning press in conjunction with Planned Parenthood and various govt agencies which seek control over the public school education curriculum.. So far as I know, “sex education” wastes tax payer money.]

3) Iraqi women are better off now than before we invaded Iraq. [At least they can vote which they could not before. My guess is that Wafa Sultan who wrote A God Who Hates agrees that Iraqi women are better off. Her book is available through Amazon for $16. Maybe SmashedWords.com readers ask Dr. Sultan to make it available as an e-book?].]

4) One who leafs through a popular glossy magazine and feels no visceral repulsion may be whole and healthy of mind and spirit. [Huh? Glossy magazines are great when you wait in a physician's waiting room and want to tune out. Who actually reads them?]

5) Our culture is one of modesty, humility, honesty and decency. [Many American adults who are over 50 and who have lived through ups and downs and who routinely attend a Christian church or equivalent such as Mormon or Jewish and who practice their faith do in fact become more honest, humble, and decent. Also, they live considerably longer on the average!! So religion can be good for you in many ways. Yes there is well done research that supports this. Just take away the word "culture" as who knows what that refers to.

6) Americans are admired and loved around the world. [An Iraqi in charge of training when asked what he now thought about America and Americans after years of working with our troops replied: “Americans are much better than what you see in the movies..." A 55 year old Mexican who entered the US legally and overstayed his student visa and later became a citizen after 20 years here took his American grandson back to Oaxaca, Mexico. It was an eye opening experience for the 10 year old lad. His grandfather said, “Americans who have not lived abroad have no idea what a wonderful country this is…”]

7) Those who hate America are radicals, terrorists, militants and for this reason should die. [So what do we do with Obama -- who per his actions, i.e., routinely apologizing to the world for America’s past actions; , putting down the Prime Minister of Israel when he visited here , who takes over 1/6 of the economy with ObamaCare, who has an Attorney General who treats terrorists as common criminals who should have Miranda rights -- who acts as though he does hate America? Yes many radicals, terrorists and militants do hate America. Should they die? No -- just offer radicals and progressives free one way plane tickets to despotic countries which lack American freedoms. And terrorists should be locked up in Gitmo for an indefinite period of time.]

8) "Muslims are less than Christians." [The Muslim faith per the Koran treats women as lesser beings and Christians as lower than women and Jews even lower than Christians. No Muslim need be honest with outsiders such as Christians and Jews. In my view, the Muslim faith has not developed past the 7th century. ]
America better watch and take action so that sharia law does not spread here as it has in Europe and England.]

9) "Organ transplantation is a noble undertaking." There are all sorts of groups that profit monetarily from this viewpoint. [A dog friend acquaintance gave her boy friend a kidney as he has been on dialysis for 10 years. She looked like the aged 15 years when I saw her a month after the transplant. I hope that her boy friend is worth the effort.]

So are these statements "lies"? No. Am I offended by any of them? No. Overall, I could not read more than about 5-7 pages before I’d had enough.
(reviewed 45 days after purchase)
Lynda Lewis reviewed on Aug. 13, 2011

The title should be a thousand reasons a good American should not read this book. The author contradicts himself many times. A waste of my reading space.
(review of free book)
James Mendell reviewed on July 16, 2011

St John makes some good points but I found the book to be rather brief - too brief in fact. I would have preferred a solid paragraph on each lie, but I guess this is a good start.
(review of free book)
Margaret Weaver reviewed on July 11, 2011

Thoughtfully provocative and a much needed list of questions that every family should dicuss.
(review of free book)
Reese Currie reviewed on Jan. 27, 2011

While yes, this book does offend everyone, myself included, it also provides some very valuable food for thought. It simplifies some of the lies we intellectually justify to ourselves to the point that we can see they are, in fact, ridiculous things no sane person could believe. This, to me, is akin to a modern Book of Proverbs, and the wisdom contained therein should be considered by everyone who values the truth.
(review of free book)
Ecowitch reviewed on Jan. 18, 2011

The description of this book includes the phrase 'It is guaranteed to offend everyone' and it does just that. This book lists the many lies that are told to the American people day in day out, they are contradictory, cynical and deceitful and show how naive Ameria as a country can be (assuming that its people actually believe any or all of these). Although this book provides none of the background, evidence or ancedotes to back up any of the items listed, that is not its point. To me this book was written in an attempt to get the American people thinking about and questioning what they see and hear on a daily basis and it certainly does that. My biggest issue with it though is that it does encourage or provide help to any reader in how to get behind the lies, which to me the book biggest downfall.
(review of free book)
John Mann reviewed on Oct. 20, 2010

Books are intended to make the reader think, right? Then why are so many readers upset with the lies in this book? I had to read it to find out, and now I have, I understand. Many are upsetting. Many are maddening. And many are reasonable.
(review of free book)
Julie R Butler reviewed on Sep. 20, 2010

I wish I could just ignore mindsets like the one Dave exhibits here, (the government is being run by a nefarious, secret, satanic cabal that is enslaving us all without our realizing it; misogyny; homophobia; tribalistic nostalgia) but it is far too important to point out its dangers. While Dave laments the fact that no one seemed to have tried to stop Hitler, his lack of historic perspective or interest in investigating issues in greater depth leaves him ignorant of the way that his thinking is very similar to the situation in Germany that lead to Hitler's rise to power:

"A nation that went to war thinking that it would be quick and easy, but then getting bogged down, becoming polarized, falling into financial difficulties, losing confidence in their government, looking desperately for strong leadership, and falling for conspiracy theories and false accusations about those within and without who oppose the romantic call for cultural purity and supposed morality that drives mass hysteria and leaves reasoned decision-making far behind in favor of emotional impulsiveness..."

Rants like Dave's beg for some investigation into real facts (like the fact that gold was never made "illegal to own," rather, the amount was limited so people would not horde it) and not through whatever dark corners of the internet by which conspiracy theorists are all trading their ideas and about how the world functions, but at the library, in actual history books, science books, philosophy books, or from other reliable sources that are not corporate sponsored, as well as begging the bigger question, in the context of Dave being a person who lives in an imperfect democratic society rather than in Afghanistan or Somalia, where one does not have to fret about "big government" or any pesky immigrants who are trying to improve their lives, where men are men and tribalism thrives, "and what if you are wrong?"

See my book: No Stranger To Strange Lands: A Journey Through Strange Coincidences, Connective Thoughts, And Far Flung Places.

See also: my essay: Secrecy, Democracy, and Fascism: Lessons From History.
(review of free book)
Jani Zubkovs reviewed on Sep. 8, 2010

You'll laugh ... you'll cry, but most of what Dave says you'll agree with. Some really timely stuff considering the world we live in these days.

The world is not what it appears to be.

Author of: "Why Women Love Cavemen - A Man's Guide To Tame the Bitch"

"Got Milked? How to do a Prostate Massage (Milking) for Sexual Fulfillment"
(review of free book)
Sarah Williams reviewed on Feb. 18, 2010

This book has sharp fingernails that peel back the wallpaper of your world view, despite your best efforts to keep the edges pasted down flat over the horror. It's disturbing, maddening, infuriating, and best avoided by those who wish to maintain the illusion.
(review of free book)
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