Learning to Pronounce Difficult Sounds: Mentality and Practice

A very short booklet on what it takes to train the pronouncing of difficult sounds. Most of the contents are advices on solving lisping and a very practical and thorough 11-step method for learning the one of the most difficult sound on the planet, the hard r sound. The mentality is also covered. It is a short read.
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About Pertti Aholanka

I am a Finnish guy who likes uncovering and documenting solid facts. I am much better at writing articles than books and my articles and posts tend to be full of evidence-based statements with the backing references linked in tow. In this sense, I find the sheer amount of fiction and entire marketing sights and publishers dedicated to this dime-in-a-dozen fiction. All those books end up being are art pieces that only tell the lack of discipline and knowledge of their writers. The more fiction there are, the more difficult it becomes to finding any truth by happenstance. I don't want to be a writer or to be referred to as such, much like people don't like being called gansters when they are living in a bad neighbourhood. I think the world needs more useful information and life-building wisdom that a handful of textbooks can achieve. While a lack of strength does not dim the sights of a knowledgeable mind, a lack of knowledge limits even Hercules to perform like a baby and waste his resources. A waste and vanity are a common theme in the human interactions and author scene is no better. There is no career future in a field when your best strategy is to take a female pen name and start writing heavily templated and repetitive erotica for women who generally do not aspire much beyond motherhood. The only thing less useful than literotica in the long run is academic literature. The vast majority of the dissertations are never read outside the circle of the publishing university and the rest of them become horrific, badly written manuscripts for the textbooks the new uni students are forced to buy in order to graduate. Mopping the floors is a much more useful job than 99.9% of authoring assignments. I do mine exclusively to gain experience about book-making and concise writing.

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