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Scott Standard is a Coordinator. His job is to settle disputes between worlds who are at war with each other. In the process of doing his job he is randomly attacked by an unusual and unprovoked enemy. His job now is to find who the enemy is and stop these attacks on his organization. Thanks Fixitman. I hope my attempt at some corrections will alleviate some reading difficulties. More
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Air Force Enlisted First Sergeant 25 Years of Service
Hydro System Controller for The Central Valley Project in Sacramento, CA 18 Years Service
Retired, playing golf, working at our ranch and writing fiction

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fixitman reviewed on Nov. 13, 2017
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Ah, and Gary? It's "supposed to"... and "derring-do."
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fixitman reviewed on Nov. 13, 2017

Great story... bad grammar.
Unfortunately a good editor needs to go over this book and do a nearly complete rewrite to resolve all the grammatical errors. Nearly every paragraph has errors that are so glaringly obvious that it is almost painful to try to read this book.
I'm not sure what grade school the author dropped out of, or what the problem might be, but that school apparently did not teach the proper use of English in writing. I do apologize if this is due to a scrambler being used to ruin a good story on upload, or if there is some other problem such as a disability the author may have which would cause this result.
Yes, all the words in the book are spelled correctly, probably due to a computer spell-check program, but sometimes the wrong word is used, such as the repeated confusion of "two," "to," and "too," or the usage of the word "mummer" (*yes it is a word, I looked it up) in place of "murmur" although that could be a typo.
At the beginning of the book, there seems to be some confusion about when to use first person and when to use third person narrative.
The proper use of verbs seems to have escaped this author, or his editor, if any, as well. A plural noun calls for a plural verb, and a past tense (or I are think of Pass Tents? Yes that is sarcasm) verb calls for a different form of a noun in a sentence than would a present tense verb. Adverbs and adjectives are often improperly used: "...would be there or arrive in short order, unless otherwise engage" for example should read "...otherwise engaged."
Maybe the future imperfect is lost in space (or maybe the future is just imperfect?)
Also, something can't be "more unique." If something is unique, well, that's the end of it!
Commas, are, inserted, where, they should, not be and are missing where they are needed. There isn't a semicolon in sight; even where one should be used.
Hyphenated phrases are given as individual words, as are compound words.
I could summarize by saying that I suppose this is one of those stories (or series of stories) that are written for the author's enjoyment and/or therapy rather than being intended to be read by others.
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Gary Hancock reviewed on June 27, 2017

What do you do when you are suppose to settle disputes and carry no weapons? Why you win yourself a seven and a half foot alien and team up with a ship that is smarter than you.
Coordinator Scott has an impossible job to do, but the tools at his hands can help him accomplish it. Ambushes and warring alien races are his everyday life. Join the future in the tale of daring do.
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