The Glory and the Glow

The Glory and the Glow is a narration of real experiences of the author which are shared with candour and wit. Like her recent publication, God Has My Back: He Has Yours, Too!, this book should appeal to a wide cross-section of readers who will very likely see snapshots of their own selves in Jean's learning adventures, and be encouraged to embark on a journey, or stay the course, with the Lord. More
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November 14, 2018
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About Jean B. Lee

Dr. Jean Lee regards herself as a teacher by gifting, training, and profession. Her teaching ministry spans a variety of audiences, across age and gender groupings and institutions, and formal and informal settings. She is at home leading retreats for young persons, leading Bible Studies, speaking at Graduations, or addressing congregations.Teaching topics often addressed are: Singleness & Sexuality, Spirituality, and Biblical Application. A member of the Anglican Communion, Jean’s ministry embraces all denominations extending invitations. Jean is a former High School teacher, (Wolmer’s Girls’), Education Officer (for Spanish), Cross-cultural missionary (The Dominican Republic, under the auspices of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students—IFES) and, more recently, Senior Lecturer at the Jamaica Theological Seminary from which she retired in March 2015.


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