Righting Time

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The three dashed-only sparing a moment to grab one final parcel-into the time chamber and Jala pressed several buttons. The trio vanished. They might never have existed—just as the control room no longer existed and never would unless they set time right. Time may be resilient, but the main timeline could not stand up to such massive tinkering as this Konrad, yanked from the past, had launched. More

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About Kat Jaske

Bonjour. I’m Kat Jaske.
Las Vegas resident––well
more precisely Henderson,
Nevada, which is right next
•Married to Bryant Jaske-Moser and mother of Daniel Jaske-Moser
*Runner – Helped my crosscountry
team win state championship
Ohio state championship (5-K race). I’m
even more proud of the next year when
our team placed fourth, but I ran a
personal best State Course time of a little
over 19 and a half minutes.
• Fencer – Yes, with swords, especially
sabers. You know, the musketeer thing.
Or Zorro.
• Singer
• Active in church
• Love my black cat, Minnesota and her younger sister Abigail
• Writer – Historical fiction, science fiction,
fantasy, poems, articles, all sorts of items
for students and parents

Many of my ideas for writing or teaching come to me when I am running. Unfortunately, I can’t carry a journal with me, so I have to wait until I finish, walk in the door, and then grab a pencil and paper, or a computer, and put them down. I have always loved reading and writing, voraciously. Mom’s favorite story is about the time she had to punish me for something (which I am probably innocent of doing) by saying, “No reading. Do not go to your room. Sit here and watch TV.” I hated TV.

Writing takes passion (a love of words in my opinion) and when you have that passion, it permeates everything. Word scrambles and other word games and puzzles and other thinking games are “cool”.

I graduated from Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, N.C. in three and a half years with a double major in English and Psychology. After working two years and saving every penny I could, I headed to France and spent two years studying there. Then returned to the U.S. to work a couple years before attending UNLV where I finished my Masters of Education and teaching certificate.

Now I spend time teaching my students the finer points of the French language and culture, and encouraging them to read and write.

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Kar Edward reviewed on July 4, 2012

What would you do if you discovered that someone was altering earth’s past in a way that would destroy your existence? Join time travelers from the 26th century as they journey to 17th century France to recruit Laurel d’Anlass and her loyal musketeer friends. Follow the time travelers, Laurel, and the musketeers to the 21st century where they have to use unfamiliar weapons and their wits to overcome strange and powerful enemies. As you immerse yourself in this well-spun tale, you will meet heroines and heroes that you love and villains that you hate. Find out if this team from the future and the past can mend the time-line and save the future of humanity. I heartily recommend that you read “Righting Time.” It is an adventure well worth taking.
(reviewed 12 months after purchase)
Donna Jaske reviewed on July 4, 2012

Time Travel Adventure Makes the Impossible Seem Real

These great characters are so interesting and full of surprises. This story is about the impossible, but Kat Jaske makes it all seem so believable.
The story starts when one of the main characters is murdered in France in the year 1641, but that is not the way history remembers it. Konrad has accidentally been yanked from 1641 to our near future, by time travelers in the far future. Get your brains around that. He promptly proceeds to change history from that point on so as to create a disaster in the far future.

Excerpt: The nearly thirty-year-old woman scarcely lifted her head and fixed her indigo eyes on Keith. "I wasn't quick enough." . . . We have a major time disturbance manifesting in the field," she said, her voice remaining lifeless." . . . Right now there was still some infinitesimal window of opportunity to try for correction and containment.

Now the adventure begins. They barely have time to grab a few parcels and dash for the time chamber before their reality collapses. Now their future depends on what they can do in 1641 to make time right. And Laurel and the musketeers are going to be in the middle of the action again, that is if they can be convinced to time travel to 2060. The author skillfully guides the reader through the many scenes change with action in the past and action in a future date. You really get to know the characters even more than you did from the previous two books, and you are amazed as Laurel's new powers emerge. It's easy to see the movie in your mind. I don't think you will be able to put the book down when your bedtime arrives.
(reviewed 12 months after purchase)
Kay Ortgiesen reviewed on July 3, 2012

It's amazing the skill this author shows in developing her characters. "For Honor" was outstanding. Then came "Gambit", which made me feel even more that I absolutely knew these people. Now, this third adventure, "Righting Time", outdoes itself in making you actually SEE the movie and feel everything the characters feel. It doesn't get any better than this. You are a part of the adventure.

And you are going to be traveling back in time to France in 1641. There you will try to convince Laurel and the musketeers that first, you are from the future, second, they must travel to the future with you to save the world, and third, you are not crazy. How hard can that be?

Excerpt: "The very fabric of time that they could be changing by bringing these people forward, regardless of the need, was staggering in its implications. These thoughts, chaotic impressions and incoherent ideas rushed across the trained time travelers' neurons. . . . The haze of the portal dissipated. Laurel and her friends stood rooted to the spot. Sensations—pure sensory overload—assaulted the French people. A mind-numbing awareness seeped through them. Denial ripped at their innards. So much easier to continue that denial, to disbelieve the bevy of oratory and visual stimuli that bombarded them, forcing them to accept no alternative other than to believe in time travel."
Time to find this evil Konrad, send him back to 1641 and then get back there ourselves, alive. What a story.
(reviewed 12 months after purchase)
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