24 Productivity Hacks To Improve Business Performance and Profits

21st Century approach to improving business productivity, profits and performance in the modern business. The book highlights the links between performance science and profitability and the massive gains that can be achieved by understanding and implementing the latest findings from neuroscience and the psychological sciences. Invaluable for leaders, owners and managers who are looking to improve. More

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About Geoff Greenwood

Geoff Greenwood is an executive and business coach and business consultant specialising in the exceptional performance of human potential using the latest performance psychology, science, research, technology and online business marketing strategies.

The approach is by taking what works in other performance related fields and applying them to business, management and leadership. It helps companies and individuals to seek and sustain competitive advantage in their marketplace.

He offers performance training, coaching, consulting, development, workshops and online performance packages on-site or remote.

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