Burning Chariot

Kristian's Horseman power could destroy the world. His siblings aim to stop it, but fate makes their attempts half-hearted. As enemies swarm country-hopping buys the teens time, but nothing can stop the beat of destiny's selfish drum. More
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July 29, 2018
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About Jackie Jones

Jackie Jones is an entrepreneur and award-winning author living in Barbados. She's made tons of mistakes throughout her career, learnt from them, and now her services and products are available so new entrepreneurs, and writers can thrive with less stress. With multiple fiction novels, and Budget Bawse Course 1 under her belt, she also began working on The November Incident web series in 2017. Find nonfiction titles from her too including, "Don't Be A Dumbass Writer . . . Like I Was."

Find her on social media: @jackiejoneslive

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