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Our democracy is broken.
Our political class is now the donor-class, as in the USA.
Sixty percent of donations to Labor and Liberal are untraceable according to the electoral office.
So who is running Australia? More
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Review by: Malcolm Cameron on Aug. 1, 2017 : (no rating)
Adding to my review:
Frank Hardy added an "Author's Note" to "Power Without Glory" at the end, not a Preface as stated, which he later regretted: refer his book "The Hard Way" (1961). In the Author's Note he states:
"Power without Glory" is the first of a series of novels, planned to give a picture of the mainstreams of Australian life in the twentieth century.
The series will be build around three big novels of which Power without Glory is the first..."
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Review by: APRanklin on Aug. 1, 2017 :
Let me be crystal clear and extremely frank in this review. Snouts is my FAVOURITE book at the moment, and, I believe, one of the most interesting and important books on Australia's place in the world written in the 21st Century. The first page of the book starts with blood on the page, and this continues, with no topic, situation or individual too sacred to be spared by this author.
A brash and honest style of writing, a literary style which verges on violence. This book is the shot in the arm many of us need.
Ignore this book at your peril.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Review by: Zrskddkdkd on Aug. 1, 2017 :
It's difficult to describe this book, maybe if Mungo MacCallum and Bill Leak had a love child, it would look something like this.
It is a remarkably frank piece of writing, from a man who has spent his career in business and politics, as a member of multiple political parties.
With passion and insight, the book identifies lots of the issues with modern Australia, and unlike many other commentators and commentaries, it offers what are often interesting and innovative suggestions to move the country forward.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Review by: Malcolm Cameron on Aug. 1, 2017 :

Rob Gordon, Australia’s leading political cartoonist, has stormed into print. His book ‘Snouts’ is shaking the political world to its foundations, subtitled ‘Tax the Rich and Save Yourself’ writing as Sir Robert Gordon, invoking his – and your - right to self-knight under natural justice.

54 issues in a torrent of 98,700 words are covered in ‘Snouts’. Perhaps we should organise a chook-raffle to name an issue that missed in Rob’s thunder. Plus 21 cartoons originally circulated to ALP members entrenched in the blue ribbon Liberal heartland seat of Kooyong in Marg D’Arcy’s heroic ‘This Time’ campaign – meaning ‘Next Time’ now.

‘Snouts’ provides an outline of Rob’s family life from 1941 and describes an unfortunate episode in land speculation, along with his philosophy of life, his support for Anthony Albanese MP, and hostility to compulsory superannuation.

Available from ‘Smashwords’:

for $7.99USD - after you successfully assure the Website you are over 18 years old. [By using $US Rob is obviously taking the fight direct to Trump’s heartland or is it a capitalistic commercial decision from his global book promoters to price the book in $US? In fairness Rob is giving 50% of profits to the Australian Conservation Foundation.]

From Brisbane in an exclusive interview Rob understatemently revealed “I trust I have been meaningfully outrageous”.

From the blurb:
“Our democracy is broken.
Our political class is now the donor-class, as in the USA.
Sixty percent of donations to Labor and Liberal are untraceable according to the electoral office.
So who is running Australia?
Those parties know that they aren’t telling us mushrooms.
After 75 years of soaring inequality, we have now arrived at the ugly of extreme of decadent Western capitalism, a term helpfully provided by Russia and China some decades ago.
Australia’s proud history of egalitarianism has been decimated, and the author has declared a state of emergency as far as the environment is concerned; and Australians are empowered to do what has to be done.”

Frank Hardy in his now deleted 1950 preface to “Power Without Glory” promised a series of books on Australian society. Has Rob Gordon repeated Hardy’s error 67 years later labeling his book ‘Book 1’ on the cover? Or may we expect a return to his exceptional cartooning?

For the 1975 ‘Maintain your rage’ Whitlamingtons, the alarming day may come when climate change and world poverty are solved. On that day, ‘Snouts’ will be invaluable on your iPad to consult another 52 issues to solve. And ‘Book 2’ will supplement further.

Email Rob on ' to purchase a cartoon to enliven one of your presentations or have any problems retrieving ‘Snouts’.

Reviewed: Malcolm Cameron,
1 August 2017
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
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