Well Managed Mind

Do you have fears you can’t seem to resolve?
Do you feel overwhelmed with life and find it hard to get things done?
Does a lack of direction make you feel lost and sad? More

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About Dana Ritchie

Dana Ritchie knows what it’s like when life takes an unexpected turn. A talented skier with eyes to turn pro, her life plan was shattered after a car accident, rendering her unable to get back on the slopes.

After losing her husband at a young age and her son’s close-call while skiing, she was anxious and wracked with fear, debilitated by the trappings of her mind. Through these experiences, Dana Ritchie developed Well Managed Mind, a generous and proven-effective approach to resolving past disappointment and pain, providing an intuitive and easy-to-implement method for entrepreneurs to break the chains that keep them tied down to negative emotional anchors.

With Well Managed Mind, Dana Ritchie has assisted dozens of entrepreneurs to break those chains, enabling them to clear negative thought patterns and sprint towards achievement. She wishes the same for you – a thriving business and a happier and more successful life.

Fulfill your potential and skyrocket your business – not tomorrow, not next year… TODAY.

Entrepreneurs have big dreams – yet so often, they let fear get between themselves and a life of achievement. Fear of letting go of past relationships, familiar situations, and to who we once were is not a serviceable mindset when building the foundation of a successful business.

Introducing, Well Managed Mind – a proven approach, targeted at entrepreneurs to transform a fear-based belief-system wrought with self-doubt into a mighty engine of positivity. In doing so, entrepreneurs gain presence of mind – recognizing reality for what it is, capturing opportunities, and fulfilling the potential of their business and life.

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