Future's Ending: A Science Fiction Short Story Anthology

Future's Ending is a collection of short Science Fiction stories which look at the possible outcomes for an out-of-control world.

With tales of artificial intelligence, time travel, eternal life, and other themes which define the futuristic genre, this is a collection which takes inspiration from Science Fiction giants such as Robert Heinlein and Ray Bradbury. More
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About Gene Michaels

I wrote this collection of short stories as a way to work through the many thoughts swirling through my mind. We all read and see the sensationalist headlines. The world seems to be heading towards one disaster after another.

Population is constantly growing. Technology is advancing. People, though, aren't necessarily getting better or more moral. The tools for our own destruction are more easily accessible than ever.

Now, a group of technology billionaires, from Sergei Brin to Peter Thiel, have decided to spend their fortunes to "cure" death.

What would be the consequence of us being able to live forever? Without a change in human behavior, are we setting ourselves up for disaster?

This book is the consequence of my thinking through these issues. I've always enjoyed short stories as a quick and easy way to escape reality. I hope it entertains and provides a little food for thought.

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