Bout That Life In Rock'n'Roll City

I Wrote this book back in 2015 for a utopia project we did in class. This Book Is Just Full Of Rules And Regulations About Rock'n'Roll City.
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About Tyler Thierry

Tyler James Thierry was born on May 7th,2003 in South Sacramento, California. He already had musical instincts in him; his cousin Andre Thierry was a Grammy Nominated Accordinist who still tours to this day. His Dad, Fredrick Thierry Jr.,used to be a producer for rap groups up in Oakland and at one time took Tyler into his studio and it was one of many lifetime changes for him. Tyler's Dad now plays Semi-Football.

When Tyler was only 2 years old, he used to fiddle around a piano his relatives had down in L.A. He received his first guitar on May 25th, 2013 for his 10th birthday and he really pushed himself to do music. He first Listened to The Beatles and played their songs on guitar. But then his grandmother introduced him to Rock'n'Roll in it's early days. He started to really listen to that music.

By early-2014, Tyler switched to electric but had to take a 1 year hiatus because he wanted to focus on his favorite tv show, "Doctor Who". After a year, he finally went back into music but he wrote his first composition while still playing Alto Saxophone back in 2014 called "Midnight On Waltz Street", which had a Jazz flavor and it was the only time Tyler Could read sheet music.

Tyler formed his first group on 2016 Originally called The Bulldogs later renamed The Californian Rockers. He became an Indie Artist when he released his first 2 singles on his own label,TMO Records, but only on his website.

In January 2017, after releasing 3 albums on his website, Tyler knew it was time for a change. With the help of his Mom, Myeva Nicole Thierry, he released his first album with The Californian Rockers with their self-titled debut released on January 5th, 2017, with minor success. Tyler became an Original Songwriter since 2014 and was evolving. He released 2 singles under his solo name Tyler Thierry. A planned 2nd album for The Californian Rockers was about to be released on Tyler's 14th birthday but he decided to shelve the album because of his fans at his school And he dissolved The Californian Rockers. He his now pursuing a Solo Career at age 14.

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