Wilderness - How to Marry Jesus in 10 Years or Less

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“Follow me”, said Jesus, but how?

Wilderness is a modern Pilgrim’s Progress. A true story of how one family dared to follow Jesus on the path of ancient faith. This gripping testimony is a modern roadmap for believers to navigate the wilderness and find their Celestial City. More
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About Homer Les

Homer, Wanda, Ida, and Fanny are a new breed of adventurers, willing to throw caution to the wind and follow God wholeheartedly. This family of 4 with their dog and bird in tow faced down the wilderness to pursue Jesus.

Bored with the mundane, they left their lives of extreme outdoor camping and audacious adventures seeking new challenges. Their thirst for the thrill of following God in faith drove ever onward. Soon they entered the high risk and financially demanding world of staying indoors, sleeping on real beds and eating regularly. A world that would require all their razor sharp skills to navigate.

Our intrepid band of pioneers have spent the past 4 years living in a small motel room. Their favorite pastimes of hide and seek and capture the flag replaced by standing up to the verbal assaults of drug-dealing pimps and former convicts. Adapting to the confined quarters, Wanda began leading an online prayer call for Canada while Homer has been dutifully preparing their online presence. Both have been judiciously crafting the story of their adventure, Wilderness—How to Marry Jesus in 10 Years or Less, into readable prose. Ida and Fanny continue their art work and spreading joy to all they meet.

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Reviews of Wilderness - How to Marry Jesus in 10 Years or Less by Homer Les & Wanda Ring

Dee H reviewed on July 8, 2021

“Oh wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to our God.”

This book was written under the anointing of Holy Spirit. I was convicted time and time again how much my self nature has taken over my life and how desperately in need of the Lord I am. The Les family shared experiences they had as they journeyed through the wilderness learning to become completely dependent on Abba. They had many lows in their journey, especially with folks that professed to know Jesus. This led me to really do introspection on my life. Am I willing to show mercy and kindness to the homeless? Do I have grace and compassion for those in need? In asking myself these questions and many more I realized how short I came up. The Lord desires holiness in us. This comes through death to self and the gratification it brings. We must be willing to take up our cross, deny ourselves and follow our Messiah. If not, we will be empty barrels that make the most noise. I encourage you to challenge your faith, your knowledge, your very soul in reading this book.
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Hunter reviewed on Sep. 14, 2020

September 14, 2020

The rawness and realness of this book will challenge anyone who reads it. I found myself at times weeping and rejoicing and at other times questioning my own thoughts, heart and motives. Thank you for your diligence and faithfulness in diarizing the truth that brought blow after blow to self and glory to God for his continual love and faithfulness to you and your family.

Anyone with longing in his or her heart to be close to Jesus will cherish this book. Their relentless trust in Jesus along with the love and unity of this family truly bears the testimony of Christ in this incredible faith journey through the wilderness. So blessed to come along for the ride during this excellent read. So much to glean from the dying to self this family went through. Incredible pioneers. I truly want to hear and know more about the fulfillment of their destiny. I believe the Lord will use them mightily for His Kingdom purposes!
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Victory Z reviewed on Sep. 16, 2017
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I seldom read any literature except the Bible but saw this book on a Facebook post by a ministry I have supported, and the title intrigued me. I understand the feelings expressed by the writers, how the daily grind of the work day can wear on our faith and relationship with Christ because I have experienced it but then I surrendered my job and career to the Lord with fasting and prayer and asked HIM to Lead me to the job of HIS choice for me and He truly did that and blessed me tremendously there in ways I would have never thought possible, from the very beginning even getting my foot in the door was miraculous. I knew without a doubt the Lord put me there and has blessed me with rich spiritual blessings there that have taken my relationship with Him and others to a new level. I am not getting wealthy there financially although it pays the bills, but spiritual wealth has been amazing as far as His presence with me there, and all He has taught me there spiritually...The Christian friendships there, the testings there, the victories there, I could write a book on the wilderness of employment and God's daily provisions to stay on track spiritually on the job! Daily employment is a wilderness in itself! Dry days, "storms" of testing, seasons, people, if you think homelessness and wandering hungry is true faith for you I respect your autonomy to believe and serve the Lord in the way you feel He is calling but I am certain that God is not judging people for working, especially if their job is not an idol, that they truly see the Lord as their provider trusting Him to get them through each day. He can and does lead those who ask and believe Him to lead them to a job/career of His will, and trust Him to get them through the wilderness of employment every day and still keep faith and relationship with Him alive. No true believer escapes a wilderness experience on their way to possessing their promised land. God never promised that we wouldn't have to work and I understand the authors don't refuse work but they also seem to be fixed on an unbalanced belief that it can only draw you away from the Lord rather than closer to Him. Jesus presents God as an employer, an investor who gives us money to invest and make a profit, he uses analogies of farmers who work hard, shepherds. The proverbs wife works and sells her wares to merchants. I believe work is a part of life and God can certainly prosper us financially to make wise investments and not have to work long hours our entire life although if we do have to work I have experienced His perfect leading to a job that placed me in His direct will and blessed my relationship with Him and others tremendously. Bless God for God-fearing police and judges and politicians (if there are any!) We need true God-fearing, God-serving people in office and in the police force, as teachers, nurses, etc, The world would be a horrible place if only the wicked were employed and we We can't put God in a box and say He leads everyone in a cookie cutter manner such that everyone will know we are His because we are living by faith expressed by living as homeless and hungry wanderers. he said people would know we are His by our LOVE (not our faith) ..these 3 remain: faith, hope, and love and the GREATEST of these is LOVE. (Faith is important, imperative, but not as great as Love!) David was God's as a shepherd and God's as a king, and even as an adulterer who God sent Nathan to lead him to repentance. God can provide miraculously as He did for the widow at Zarepath, and he provided food from ravens for the prophet, but He also provided for Ruth through working in the fields, and even the early church was instructed to work and not be idle, and gave financial gifts to the apostles and the poor. I understand the feelings expressed in the book but I feel it presents a very unbalanced view of employment/God's sovereignty in our jobs/careers but again I respect the authors right to serve God as they feel led and admire their talents as authors, I can see the authors have not lost their sense of humor. I was captivated and found it hard to put down, finished the book in 3 days, but was hoping for a different finale. I have prayed for the Lord's perfect will for this family, whatever that may be.
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Wanfeyin reviewed on Aug. 14, 2017

Homer and Wanda, a big thank you for sharing the incredible story of your family. This for me is God's answer at the exact time. I was so amazed by its timeliness that I stopped reading and checked the date of publication. Thank you for sharing your adventures, the pain and emotions included. Thank you for standing up for God and being a testimony of God's faithfulness. The conclusion is awesome. This is a must read for anyone who wants intimacy with God.
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