The Bible as Story: ​Recognizing and Interpreting the Biblical Metanarrative

Within the biblical texts of history, poetry, morals, theological maxims, laws and commands exists a complete and coherent narrative - a story. Every event, book, character, command, law, prophecy, poem, and proverb contributes to the highest story of humanity. More
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About Brian Wright

Brian Wright is, above all else, a follower of Jesus, a husband, and father. In addition, as a biblical scholar and author, he has spent two decades investigating the Ancient Near Eastern languages, cultures, and history that birthed Judaism and Christianity. He holds a Master of Religious Education in Middle Eastern Studies from The American Institute of Holy Land Studies, has studied sociology and religion at Oxford Graduate School, and is completing a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies at Trinity Theological Seminary. Following this, he intends further post-graduate and doctoral study in Semitic languages, biblical interpretation, and sociology of religion.

In addition to numerous articles and blog contributions, his published works include:

Blood & Seed: What Is The Eden Story Really Telling Us?
What the Biblical Text Actually Says About Speaking in Tongues
The Great Yet Completely Misunderstood Commission of Jesus
What the Text Says: Perspectives on Hermeneutics and the Interpretation of Texts
The Bible as Story: Recognizing and Interpreting the Biblical Metanarrative
The Calvert Bible Study Journal​

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