The Theater of the Self - Autobiographical Notes.

'The Theater of the Self' carries an autobiographical narrative spanning over 3 continents and 23 years incorporating the direct experience and encounter with a psychopathic mindset. The story is conceived as a stimulus to assist the readers in their discernment of forces at work in our world that can create heavy interferences going beyond a mere personal realm affecting entire groups of people. More

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About Sandra C. Fischer

Having been born naturally curious, I embarked as a child on wanting to understand everything around me. As a preteen I raided the library of my father and read through everything I could find starting with Erich Maria Remarque, his favorite author from. All quiet on the Western Front to Jean Paul Sartre, ' The Roads to Freedom ' to even devour the ‘The Kinsey Report' in long winter months sitting glued to the heater reading for months without end.

My curiosity and thirst for knowledge did not stop there having been all my life an avid reader.

The vicissitudes of life brought me eventually not only to explore the literary world, but made me embark on the more philosophical notion that before the ‘word’ exists ‘thought’ propelling me to question the cause and origin of everything under the sun, my busy mind was placing in front of me constantly that led to more philosophical considerations than the ' Kinsey Report ' could offer. My affinity for knowledge made me later to delve into the field of psychology wanting to comprehend the ‘finer parts’ than the immediate physical vehicle of a human that eventually gave way to a spiritual quest involving the immaterial part and inner workings of a human, the human SOUL that introduced me to Rudolf Steiner ' The Philosophy of Freedom ' and beyond.

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