THINK Again: IBM CAN Maximize Shareholder Value

THINK Again is about IBM, its leaders, its employees, its shareholders, its customers, its supportive societies, and one-hundred years of their unique interactions. IBM has had its great, good, and bad moments; and, in this century, some of its ugliest. But there is still hope. More

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About Peter E. Greulich

Peter E. Greulich spent thirty years serving IBM customers in a variety of roles: administrator, systems engineer, worldwide sales instructor, salesman, and as worldwide brand, product, and market managers. He is a Seeking Alpha contributor and a Bulldog Drummond author who uses Bulldog’s Uncommon Sense Principles to pursue corporate truths. In his examination of IBM’s century of CEO leadership, he has uncovered an uncommonly simple financial truth: human relationships matter.

Pete has interviewed thousands of IBMers worldwide—from the United States to China, Canada to Brazil, and Australia to Scandinavia. The themes in his writings reflect these discussions, his own corporate experiences, and a six-year journey to understand IBM’s leadership and its history of resiliency. IBM was a business force that in the face of seventeen recessions, the Great Depression, nine of the top twelve U.S. stock market declines, World Wars I and II, and the Korean and Vietnam wars, created one of the 20th Century’s greatest corporations.

In the 21st Century it has lost its leadership role.

Peter E. Greulich's writings include:

• THINK Again: IBM CAN Maximize Shareholder Value: a book that explores if IBM is living up to its obligations as it defined them in 1956: "A business exists to provide a service to MAN—service to consumer man, to worker man, to investor man, and to the community of man."

• A View from Beneath the Dancing Elephant: a book that looks at the 21st Century IBM in light of his studies of, and experiences with the 20th Century IBM. It is an employee's response to Louis V. Gerstner's, "Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?".

• The World’s Greatest Salesman: a book that includes a collection of the speeches and writings of Thomas J. Watson Sr., the traditional founder of IBM, along with Pete's commentary covering one of the 20th Century’s darkest economic times—The Great Depression.

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