The hearty breakfast with oatmeal. Cookbook: 25 practical recipes.

The surprising thing is that oatmeal is not just for breakfast anymore. It can be used to bake delicious warm treats straight out of the oven or quick snacks for those on the go. It can also be added to smoothies to add their health benefits, and you can even make delicious soups to satisfy any taste buds. More

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About Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall was born 13th of July 1972 in the USA. Being an engineer by training, he became cook non-professionally because of the interest in food and teaching others the basics of cooking. In 2007 he started to write a blog and talk about simple recipes for every day. Specializes in barbecue dishes for picnics, large family celebrations. Also coming up with recipes for new technical devices: Instant pot, oven, grill while using simple components for easy and delicious life .

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