Naturally Thin: Lasting Weight Loss without Dieting

This sequel to the international bestseller "How to Become Naturally Thin by Eating More" shares the latest information about the Naturally Thin® program that for the past three decades has been helping Individuals achieve lasting weight loss without the pain and struggle of dieting. (Statistically, 95% of dieters gain all the weight they lose within 2 to 5 years.) More

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About Jean Antonello

Obesity and eating disorders specialist Jean Antonello was trapped in the yo-yo diet cycle for seventeen years before she discovered a startling fact: She was fighting a war against her body she could not win. Desperate to find lasting weight loss, she turned to her nursing education for a solution.  The fundamentals she learned there helped her see dieting from a new perspective—as a threat to her survival.  Armed with these new insights, Jean began to cooperate with her body instead of battling it, and finally lost weight for good. Knowing countless others had tried and failed as she had, Jean embarked on a mission to share her discoveries with frustrated dieters everywhere. She has been coaching and writing about her Naturally Thin® principles since 1990, with four books on the subject: (1) How to Become Naturally Thin by Eating More; (2) Breaking Out of Food Jail; (3) Naturally Thin Kids; and (4) Naturally Thin: Lasting Weight Loss without Dieting.

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