Coming Apart Together: Fragments from an Adoption

Coming Apart Together recounts the stories that are necessarily part of any adoption and birth-parent reunion experience, and meditates on what those stories mean (or don’t mean). It is also an imaginative exploration of what it may feel like to adopt a child, to be an adopted child, and to give up a child for adoption. More

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About Emily Hipchen

Once, I was nearly eaten by alligators. It was my second anniversary. Once, I was nearly killed by bulls. I was trying to get to the botanical gardens.

My husband invented Wafflewulf, who, with his waffle hordes, vanquished the pancakers. He also invented Angry Kleppert High School and, when he died, he was writing a novel about it.

I have five brothers and sisters I didn't know existed until ten years ago.

My hens are named Jadzia, Xena Princess Warrior, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Ruth lays pink eggs; neither of the other two lays at all.

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