Phantoms in the Smoke

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Eleven-year-old Addy Wilder has seen visions all her life. She's always believed them harmless, until the one that predicted the death of someone she loves. Now, she has only a few days to discover how to prevent it. Even worse, she knows that if she fails, everything she's ever known and loved will die, as well. More
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Tags: spooky 1970s
About Warren Adams-Ockrassa

Sometime about 14 billion years ago, a point in space erupted into a five-or-so-dimensional black hole. From there, the rest is history.

Today, I tell a lot of stories. Some of them are of The Twenty. Set largely about 2500 years in the future, these stories tell of life in a post-diaspora human space wherein our own Earth is lost in the mists of time, but lives and loves play out in myriad fantastic environments among twenty or so colonized worlds.

Other stories are of more local and immediate interest. Some are poetic, short articulate insights into the life of, say, a camera; others are of near-future events that borrow from common tropes but play with them in unexpected ways. My influences include PK Dick, RA Wilson, HP Lovecraft, Douglas Adams, Delany, Le Guin, Tiptree, Clarke, Niven, Bradbury, Pratchett, Ginsberg, Burroughs, Sagan, Tyson, Gribbin, and Dyson. Make of that alchemy what you will.

Nothing here is probably like anything you've ever quite read. If you've got a yen for the odd, you'd do well to look here. This is a ship that plumbs space, time, body, and mind. Welcome aboard.

About the Series: Tales from the Eastern Shore
Spanning centuries, each of these stories is also a stand-alone narrative that describes the lives and times of the people living in and around Peed's Vale and the township of Burlingham.

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Review by: Jhid hasan on Sep. 7, 2017 :
Absolutely Wonderful History!!!
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