The Chinese Student's Essential Guide to Career Success

这本书将指导你如何落实第一份实习,什么样的经验可能是最有价值的,如何成功地驾驭美国职场文化,在大学重点放在何处,以及众多其它建议,将你从留美经验所获益最大化.无论你是一名本科生还是正在攻读硕士学位,你都将学会如何制定一个成功的行动计划,在日益激烈的市场竞争中掌握茁壮成长的步骤. More

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About Shawn Lipton

I have a passion for helping Chinese students succeed. My interest in China began after college when I landed in Taiwan to teach English and study the language and culture. I later lived in Beijing and had the opportunity to travel throughout China primarily by riding the trains and connecting with people from almost every province in the country. These were experiences that remain my most incredible memories and to this day, I am still always looking for ways to show the same graciousness to Chinese students and travelers that I received during my time in China. The most important decision I made during my time spent in China was to immerse myself in the language and culture, becoming fluent in Mandarin Chinese and studying the culture to the point where I was able to lead workshops at one of the top software companies in Seattle on effective cross culture communication. Over the last 12 years I have found and pursued my other passion, career coaching. I have worked with thousands of students and professionals across a diversity of industries advising them on how to effectively develop their career. As a certified master coach, I work with individuals in developing strategies and the requisite motivation to land their ideal job. In the last couple of years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work as an adjunct career coach at the University of Washington Foster School of Business where I have coached many Chinese students as they have navigated the complexities of developing a successful careers in the states and how to thrive at university. These experiences have reminded me of the amazing times I spent in China and the conversations I’ve had and the coaching I have done has been just as enriching. It was because of these many conversations and coaching sessions that this book was born as a way to provide guidance and a road map to support Chinese students studying in the U.S. It is through this book and my website that I can now combine my two passions of career coaching and China.

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