Its time to get the groove back

With years of thorough research into the subject of sex and divorce, while looking at the problems faced by every marriage, "It's time to get the groove back" delivers actionable solutions to each one, in a clear and concise manner that is easy to follow and even easier to implement. Your marriage will not remain the same again after reading and practicing these very simple things. More
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About Adewale Adesoye

Adewale Adesoye is a positive, strong and energetic man. His creative gifts were evident in his childhood and he has continued to embrace and express them, especially in ways that meet the needs he identifies in his community.
Adewale has always had a passion for listening to people and counseling them through life’s challenges. “It’s Time To Get The Groove Back – The Marriage Manual” was also inspired by a need Adewale saw that is not taught in our church these days. With the topic of sex often being discussed in hushed tones, he realized that many were secretly suffering, with devastating impacts on the family, the children and eventually the marriage.
Additionally, Adewale had a burden for people going through divorces as well as couples engaging in adultery. This inspired him to start researching marital problems, a journey that took over 10 years. On this journey, he read, observed, asked questions and did an extensive research. He started to understand the importance of sex and the need for proper and truthful education on the topic.
It is this wisdom that Adewale has generously integrated into “It’s Time To Get The Groove Back – The Marriage Manual”. Through this book, you will be inspired to reclaim sex as the godly gift it rightfully is, thus strengthening your intimacy with your spouse and contributing to the flourishing of your marriage.
“It’s Time To Get The Groove Back – The Marriage Manual” is a no-holds barred book and will answer many questions, which have secretly plagued many Christian couples. Consider this your marriage manual.

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