Marvin the Barbarian

The people of Almara desperately need a hero. The godweapon, Calamitous, nears completion, and it holds the power to bring the continent to its knees. Half a world away, a young barbarian dreams of adventure. Does he find one? You bet your loincloth. Is he ready for it? Not so much. But Almara is in peril, and Marvin, with a little help from his friends, will answer the call, ready or not. More

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About David L. Wesley

Author David L. Wesley was born in Texas and lives there still. Though he has never owned a horse he did, briefly, own a cowboy hat, and that should count for something. A performing musician for over three decades and a professional guitar instructor, David gave up the glamour of rock and roll life for the more sedate existence of the writer of fiction, which better enables his passions for sitting, sleeping late, and paying less for beer. Marvin the Barbarian is his first novel.
An avid gamer and voracious reader, David also enjoys long walks on the beach if they aren't too long, and fried foods of all types except pickles, because ew. He loves children and puppies and detests writing about himself in third person.

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